Should the ACCA hold exams every 3 months?

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  1. Avatar of karmuks says

    every 3 or every 4 months is perfect for me,this would greatly save my time on failed exams. And those students who are not able to prepare in such a short time can sit exams every second session if they are every 3 months.Only thing is that exam results have to be early otherwise what is the sense?

  2. avatar says

    I feel there should be 3exam sessions a year,that would help because most of the students prepare 3months before exam ,even the tuition providers give tuition n revision in that period…so I think it would be ideal to have exams every 4months say,in April ,august n December …n they get two 3months for each session…qnd for others who don’t want 3session cud write twice a yr….because in 4exam session a yr…in march ,June,sept,December…..u will have only 2months to prepare….but considering the re-sits of those who failed in the exam it’s alright maybe to have 4session…but 3 is still ideal..

    • avatar says

      @joycelyn37, i don’t think it would be mandatory but student would do exams when they are ready so if a particular student is ready to sit within 3 months then that can be done while another might need 6months to prepare for the exam

  3. avatar says

    I work full time whilst raising a family and self studying. In addition to this I have seen throughout my working life that you need to apply your skills in practice so its not all about how quick you can pass an exam. Have you got the ability to be able to apply this in practice? From what I’ve seen in pratice some ACCA quailifieds who have rushed through exams are not able to apply their qualification in practice. For that reason I would say why the rush!

  4. avatar says

    Everyone who is currently writing ACCA exams and keenly follows ACCA Exam administration procedures is able to see how ACCA is struggling with the current 6-month exam interval system. The online payment system and MYACCA window keep crushing now and then. There is need to upgrade the current set-up before ACCA can think of changing to 3-month interval. It could be a good idea to students but an administrative nightmare to ACCA, and I can foresee disastrous inconviniences, I wonder why people can’t see it. Additional resources need to be put into improvements to the current system. Otherwise, students will bear the cost of any errors through hiking of Subscription and Exam fees. They are already too.high.

  5. avatar says

    Yes please. We sometimes attempt 3 papers in 6 months and most times fail all three, because it is too much stuff to retain, especially for students who work.
    However if given the opportunity to write the exams more often, we will try to concentrate on only one and finish the course faster.
    This is a fantastic idea and acca should definitely look into this matter. However students have a choice, that can either wait for six months or the three months. We all are different.

  6. avatar says

    I think 3 times in a year will be more ideal at least one can do one paper at a time and put more concentration only when one fails then can do 2 paper. This will reduce on the burden on those who sometimes do 4 papers at a go. Also ACCA should be ready to produce results soon.

  7. Avatar of swaydoe says

    Having exams every 3 months is a great idea as it will give students more opportunity to take as many exams as they feel they are prepared for sooner. Additionally, it will also allow for you, if you so chose, to take one exam @ a time and still complete more exams as you may have if taken every six months.

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