Should the ACCA hold exams every 3 months?

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  1. avatar says

    Yes, ACCA should definitely hold exams every 3 months. They should come up with this kind of pols and ideas. They have been around for a long time and holding exams just twice a year it is not really up to date with the fast pace economic environment that we live and work today. So please ACCA take a look at the pol and make the right decision.

  2. Profile photo of rob9151 says

    This could be a lot better! There are so many people failing the exams when sitting for more than one paper, as the workload per paper can be extremely overwhelming. And also going back to information already learnt to retain the information. If not every 3 months, then why not every 4 months, i.e 3 sittings per year. Currently I only take one paper per sitting as I find 2 or more too much and if working towards a 2.1 or even 1st degree for OB, then one has to put in a lot of effort to pass way above 50%. I really hope ACCA will show their innovation by considering this.

  3. Profile photo of claudeverson says

    Yes for resit, so that the idea will remain fresh in your head, if not, it will be disastrous for the pass rate due to poor preparation and planning. Rush! Rush!! and Rush!!! leads to massive failure.

    • avatar says

      @claudeverson, This will help students who fail and reduce on the work load of studing. i.e only take one subject in three months and four per year, thus increases the chances of passing with good results.

      thank you

  4. avatar says

    Seriously speaking, For those of us who are in full time employment, sitting for ACCA exams every 3months is a bad idea. 6months feels like 3months… 3months will be like 1month… its hard though possible. i foresee a multiplied multiplicity of multitudeness of fails than passes…

  5. avatar says

    I strongly agree with this, though this is a professional exam it assumes that the candidates/ students should be competent and be able to complete the courses with knowledge previously gained thus making the new ones easier to grasp. CPA for many years have been having exams like this and the classes are set up in such a way that it prepares the students for exams and not teach the fundamentals of accounting because this they should already know. and also it keeps the students in that mode of studying and preparation for exams it will also help in their work environment.

  6. Profile photo of salu007 says

    I donot agree with this.Looking at the Global ACCA pass rates this would’nt work very well.It would become a rush which should not be done in professional Qualification like ACCA.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      @salu007, How is taking 2 exams every 3 months different from taking 4 exams (like some students do at the moment,,) every 6 months?

      it should actually improve the pass rate and since they will be able to dedicate more time to 2 exams, they will study in greater details.

      I do not see ‘rush’ in this approach, it is not mandatory, I see flexibility

      • Profile photo of salu007 says

        @admin, Well sir you might be right.But there are students who take 2 exams every 6 months and still dont pass possibly because most of them are doing full time jobs.Although it might work if they take 1 exam every 3 months.I used the word RUSH becoz dont you think some students might start taking 4 papers every 3 months this will not happen unless ACCA puts a restriction on the no of papers that can be taken every 3 months.i agree with you with the flexibilty that it has got.I think if this happens ACCA should put a restriction of Max of 2 Papers every 3 months so that the strudents can get enough time to go through the entire syllabus. And also one more thing students who take 4 exam papers at a time are very less actually and few of them actually pass all the papers this thing is also worth considering .in the poll where the students can appear after 1 month i agreed with that becoz i have seen a lot of students failing with a percentage between 45-50% they wont have to wait for 6 months to appear for the paper again .That is all from me my personal opinion the results of the poll tell a different Story wharever is the decision taken i wish all the ACCA students best of luck!!!!

  7. avatar says

    This is a profession and I dont thick rushing to finish it isn’t a good idea, but having to understand it and apply what we study the entire life we have. So I would say its not a good Idea to write exams every 3 months. Nooooooooo!!!!!

  8. Profile photo of karmuks says

    every 3 or every 4 months is perfect for me,this would greatly save my time on failed exams. And those students who are not able to prepare in such a short time can sit exams every second session if they are every 3 months.Only thing is that exam results have to be early otherwise what is the sense?

  9. avatar says

    I feel there should be 3exam sessions a year,that would help because most of the students prepare 3months before exam ,even the tuition providers give tuition n revision in that period…so I think it would be ideal to have exams every 4months say,in April ,august n December …n they get two 3months for each session…qnd for others who don’t want 3session cud write twice a yr….because in 4exam session a yr…in march ,June,sept,December…..u will have only 2months to prepare….but considering the re-sits of those who failed in the exam it’s alright maybe to have 4session…but 3 is still ideal..

    • avatar says

      @joycelyn37, i don’t think it would be mandatory but student would do exams when they are ready so if a particular student is ready to sit within 3 months then that can be done while another might need 6months to prepare for the exam

  10. avatar says

    I work full time whilst raising a family and self studying. In addition to this I have seen throughout my working life that you need to apply your skills in practice so its not all about how quick you can pass an exam. Have you got the ability to be able to apply this in practice? From what I’ve seen in pratice some ACCA quailifieds who have rushed through exams are not able to apply their qualification in practice. For that reason I would say why the rush!

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