Should the ACCA hold exams every 3 months?

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  1. avatar says

    LOL , hey its not that easy to arrange exams every three months with the current exam system .
    twice a year is much better and ideal , for current exam system .
    btw i read somewhere that ACCA is changing written exam to some computer based exam, so in that case it would be managable for both the students and the ACCA .

  2. avatar says

    I think it would be much better for ACCA to maintain the current timeframe. Instead the ACCA management should focus on ensuring that exam results are received by students more earlier than is currently the case so as to enable students start preparing in earnest for the next set of exams.

  3. Avatar of ecbarnard says

    I think three exam sessions a year, every four months, would be ideal: as someone who is trying to sit five papers this year it would be much better to spread them out more! It would also be a shorter time for resits, and I agree that many students study over a 3 month period rather than 6 months, especially if only taking one paper at a time.

  4. Avatar of rimx says

    i don’t agree, cause if we look at the standard of exams and their syllabus, it won’t be possible for students to prepare well for their exams. Well this can be done for the ones who are having a resit for paper but wouldn’t recommend this as a whole.

  5. avatar says

    In keeping in line with CIMA ACCA should offer students the opportunity to retake failed exams one month later. This would be very beneficial to those students who marginally fail. Say achived 40%-49%.

  6. avatar says

    Its agood idea , In my openion why acca not split the exam between 2 part of exam after three month supoose that for paper F6 exam 1 total mark 50% and the exam2 part 2 total mark 50% for each exam pass rate 25% and the total will be 50% which is pass rate I .thinK this is the good I dea becouse student how not pass the first exam can do the second one to cmponsit the loss marks.

  7. avatar says

    No!not suggestible because candidates,having six months, could not hit high pass rates as expected then imagine having exams every three months might seem good to those of us who want complete ACCA exams quickly.Do you think 4 x exams every year could solve that? do not think so! the benefit will be to ACCA to amass a lot of money within a year from failing students as one of our friend here suggested the passing rate will be expected to deteriorate

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