Should the ACCA hold exams every 3 months?

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  1. avatar says

    No!not suggestible because candidates,having six months, could not hit high pass rates as expected then imagine having exams every three months might seem good to those of us who want complete ACCA exams quickly.Do you think 4 x exams every year could solve that? do not think so! the benefit will be to ACCA to amass a lot of money within a year from failing students as one of our friend here suggested the passing rate will be expected to deteriorate

    • Profile photo of admin says

      @kpmg1, I am just curious :) as I see comments about 4 month period.. why 4 months would be better? please elaborate :)

      according to our previous surveys, most students starts really studying 2-3 months before the exam..

  2. avatar says

    i think that 4 exam sittings in a year sounds just so brilliant, it will definitely bring about the freedom and choice we so much need. Surely people need to understand that it would not be so much different from the CBE that we take for F1 – F3, i suppose in the past those were only taken twice a year like the current skills level and i don’t think when the “as and when ready” approach was introduced it made them lose any quality at all….!!! So lets do that…have exams every 3 months!!!

  3. Profile photo of merkay says

    the best suggestion is for ACCA to hold exams every four months to give students enough time to prepare and study for exams adequately and they should also quicken up with exam results the come too late two months is too much with technology everywhere.

  4. Profile photo of aimalnoori1 says

    I think yesss. Most students are going for two papers in each exam session which is after 6 months. this way day can divide this 6 months to two 3 months. so that is they fail in a paper they will study another paper in next three months and also can review the failed paper to pass after 3 months. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA.

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