Should the ACCA hold exams every 3 months?

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  1. avatar says

    Yes, exams every 3 months make perfect sense, especially for working students. ACCA asked this question few years back but no action until now. What happens is that in the busiest time of the year (plan, year end) we can’t get almost any time off but rather have a lot of overtime in order to finalize all tasks. All the efforts to allocate time fail as simply there is no time left! For the same reason I had to skip very many June sittings. December doesn’t impact me but am sure it works same way for the working students where YE is December end. It is strange that ACCA offers June session indeed and I am fully supportive of more frequent sittings options.

  2. Profile photo of jeile says

    Absolutely Yes. ACCA should consider (and I am certain they currently ARE):

    1. increment the number of sittings in a year: A sitting every three months would be very appropriate, particularly for WORKING accountants. We judt do not have the time, and we are asked to do more professional training outside ACCA by our employer, so time is becoming less and less available. This will allow us to take an exam at every sitting and being able to satisfy our employers too.

    2. ‘Computerise’ the sittings: I do not have any statistics, but I wonder how many times people have been failed due to their handwritting being difficult to read? – I am sorry, but we no longer handwrite. We type. ACCA MUST move with times and allow this in due course.

    I am in complete agreement with Darcha22. It is unbelievbable that our accounting body takes us (working accountants) away from our employers right in the middle of critical month end. I find it quite strange. They should have more consideration for the full-time employed. Not sure what percentage of ACCA students are full-time students and how many are employed full-time. Any informed statistics welcome.

    As for resits. I agree people should be allowed to take them while the knowledge is still fresh. At the end of the day, and without offending the powers that be, these exams are majorly fictional. Very few of us will ever be exposed to the full extent of the ‘Skill’ papers. I mean, seriously: I live in London (which economy is based on services – not only financial)… when will I find myself pondering whether I should be reporting Mix & Yield, material, labour variances? – Answer is never…. (Yes F5, you!). There is too much emphasis placed on manufacturing when britain stopped being a manufacturing powerhouse in the 60s. This should be taken into account.

    We all want to be top-tier accountants, and we ALL put the effort in – I doubt anyone who has picked up an ACCA book can be called a slacker – but as working busy people, and a lot of us no longer in our 20s, we need to be given a proper opportunity to qualify.



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