Paper F1 New examination structure

With effect from 26 February 2014, the structure of both the computer based examination and the paper based F1 examination will change.

Instead of the current structure of 50 objective questions of two marks each, the exam will consist of two sections:

  • Section A will contain 16 one mark objective questions and 30 two mark questions objective test questions (pick one answer from a number of alternatives).
  • Section B will contain 6 four mark multi-task questions. Multi-task questions (MTQs) contain a series of tasks which relate to one or more scenarios.


All questions are compulsory and the pass mark is 50%

There are no changes to the syllabus and so there is nothing new to study, but it is important that you make sure you are familiar with the new structure.

The ACCA has prepared specimen exams in the new structure.

If you are taking the paper based examination, then you can find the specimen F1 examination on the following page >>

If you are taking the computer based F1 examination, then you can find the specimen F1 examination is here:

F1-Accountant in Business (Full Exam) |
F1 (Full Exam) Answers

F1-Accountant in Business (Extra MTQs) |
F1 (Extra MTQs) Answers

ACCA F1 flashcards – set 1

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ACCA F1 Key to success

ACCA F1 Accountant in Business - Nature of the paper

ACCA F1 Paper – Accountant in Business – is a foundation paper which introduces a wide range of accounting and business terminology, and information about the business environment. The syllabus is very wide, but not deep.

Structure of the ACCA F1 paper

The exam is multiple choice lasting 2 hours.

Emphasis of the ACCA F1 exam

The syllabus and study guide take you through:

• Work effectively in accountancy and finance
• Principles of internal control
• Evaluating accounting systems
• Professional ethics in accounting and finance
• Professional values and basic business legislation
• Business environment, structure and governance
• Leadership management and communication

How to pass ACCA F1 exam

Use the OpenTuition ACCA F1 lectures along with the Course Notes. Make sure you know the many theories that the syllabus contains.

When you are confident of a topic, then practise relevant test questions in any question banks you have available. You need to purchase Revision Kit from approved ACCA publishers.

There are links to an ACCA test and ACCA F1 Mock exam on OpenTuition. The ACCA does not publish F1 exams after each session.

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