What is the prime reason for students failure in the ACCA exam?

What is the prime reason for students failure in the ACCA exam? Please post your comments below


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    Going a course where one has no interest.
    Flying colors in ACCA does not also mean excellent work performance afterwards. Some are just gifted. The question is, how does ACCA tap into such knowledge which their exams tends to bury away? It is obvious such individuals can not cop the exams. “Tough does not mean excellent.” ACCA exams are about how quickly you can burn those brain cells and be able to figure out the answers quickly. But what about the slow learners?

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    Firstly, the publishers release text book too late, hence givin students a short spave of time to revise, also, ACCA structures in a way that is too confusing, not forgeting the time given to complete the exma is not sufficient

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    Experiene tells me that most students are studying for the sake of passing examininations without understanding and knowing the subject matter in and out. As such we fail to pass the examinination when cornered with a problem in an examination room. Of course its the wish of everybody to pass the examinination at the first attempt. This makes us concentrate on probable examination areas leaving the possibles hence we fail.

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    i failed one acca paper and that was f6 and the reasons i feel was the stupid exam centre in which the tables were too short and it was soo difficult to write on it and secondly i just got nervous for no reason in exam hall and in pressure paper wasnt finished on time 😛

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    I think the main problem is not enough knowledge on the subject, I am doing self study F1 & F2, its really very hard for me:( I am saying this because its really hard to understand the notes sometimes. not only that , i do appreciate that open tuition really provides us with good stuff, but still its just really hard and boring to study alone! and the worst thing is that, I am planning to quit ACCA after my june exams:( and thats not really good..

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    Hi..currently i am studying F1-F3 on a part time basis especially with F 2 …and i am having difficulty in balancing the work and studies.What,how or techniques do you recommend me the possible way on getting me to get through the upcoming exams.Thanks.

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      @aiman959, well u should post this in General Forum, since u hav asked, my suggestion would depend on ur working hours. Since i have been working for last 2 yrs and studyng at the same tym, i also face problem since i have late sittings most of the time, but the best practice would be to atleast give half or one hr after work.

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    I would rather say all the reasons would affect your result, but the main reason is the pressure of that situation. I fail mainly bcoz of this reason.. I know everything in the paper but the pressure fails me…

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    From experience, I would say inadequate question practice by students is the prime reason for failures in the exam.
    ACCA is very organised and will never go out of the syllabus. It is not enough covering the whole syllabus; as a matter of fact that is just the beginning!
    If a student does enough question practice (under TIMED EXAM CONDITION – Very important) there is no way such student will not at least attain the pass mark in the real exam.

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      Bisala’s points are quite valid, especially regarding how structured ACCA is. In fact, until recently, i didnt realise how helpful it is to actually study in line with their stated detailed study guideline. Covering the respective key areas in the study guideline will mean that one would be prepared for whatever questions might get thrown.

      Well, now that i have made this realisation prior to sitting my recent papers, I hope to utilise the study guide more effectively in the future and like Bisolaa has suggested, will put in more effort toward practising many questions prior to the exam. personally i think that apart from the benefit this can have on time management, it also can serve as a confidence booster.

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    Time management is one of the main problems as highlighted by the examiner frequently. But why this problem is being repeated by examinees so often? Personally, I feel, some of the case study scenarios were written too for a 50-marker. As a result, the additional 15 minutes reading time is being compromised.

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      @kono, True! The 15 minutes given is too little time to plan the whole paper. The 3 hours given is broken down into 1.8 minutes per mark and students tend to start using part of the time that they are required to write on the answer sheet still planning. Therefore overshooting the time on each question. Ultimately unable to complete the last questions. I think this is the main reason for failure..

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    Most of the students at this level should be employed (whether part-timely or permanently). for this reason their level of concentration is divided bwtn studies and work. so there might not be enough time for preparations if time is poorly managed.

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