What is the prime reason for students failure in the ACCA exam?

What is the prime reason for students failure in the ACCA exam? Please post your comments below


  1. Profile photo of huge says

    Going a course where one has no interest.
    Flying colors in ACCA does not also mean excellent work performance afterwards. Some are just gifted. The question is, how does ACCA tap into such knowledge which their exams tends to bury away? It is obvious such individuals can not cop the exams. “Tough does not mean excellent.” ACCA exams are about how quickly you can burn those brain cells and be able to figure out the answers quickly. But what about the slow learners?

  2. avatar says

    Firstly, the publishers release text book too late, hence givin students a short spave of time to revise, also, ACCA structures in a way that is too confusing, not forgeting the time given to complete the exma is not sufficient

  3. avatar says

    Experiene tells me that most students are studying for the sake of passing examininations without understanding and knowing the subject matter in and out. As such we fail to pass the examinination when cornered with a problem in an examination room. Of course its the wish of everybody to pass the examinination at the first attempt. This makes us concentrate on probable examination areas leaving the possibles hence we fail.

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