Should students who failed their ACCA exam be allowed to retake it 1 month later?

Here are the results of the poll, you can still post your comments below, if students should be allowed to retake ACCA exam 1 month later? We will forward them to the ACCA

Here is the breakdown by country (Top 10 countries only)


  1. avatar says

    I can understand why the majority want to have the avialability to resit after one month after failing a paper. But that misses the point I think. The reason for failing is most often because you are not adeqately prepared and having a paper marked and then retaking within one month is unrealistic if only because no student will have been able to do enoughwork to get them up to the passing standard in that short time. Being given a fail mark by Acca is not intended as a way of slowing down the path to qualifiing. It’s to show that you’re not ready – you don’t know enough. And one month between taking the exam which you failed and a retake is not enough – and that’s ignoring the time taken to mark the paper.
    And how many times are you to be allowed this? If you fail in June and retake in July, and fail again….are you then able to try again in August? And September? Get real! you cant expect examiners to write 12 papers a year – that would be rediculous. At the moment, results are out 2 months after the exam. That then gives a failing student 4 months – time to catch back up to a level where they failed and then time to build up on that to a passing standard. theres no way that acca can be expected to allow such a nonsense proposal – its not going to happen. Three exam sessions a year is going to be tough enough – and its highly dobtful taht there will be an improvement in the pass rate – those students who failed in the previus exam will increase there chances of failure if they take the exam 2 months after getting the fail result – not enough time to build up to required standard. Sorry to be in the 10% minority but you majority people are letting your own feelings (and bitterness about failing) take over your commonsense

  2. avatar says

    Yes I think we should be allowed to retake the exam after one month, at least as an option. It is just ridiculous to wait six month to retake the failed exam, because I have already been study for some time, so why should I wait another six month for no reason especially when you are working full time and no longer 20 years old

    • avatar says

      We should be allowed to take failed exams as soon as possible, one month is fair.

      Waiting until the next siting is ridiculous as our memory and knowledge is still fresh in one month as opposed to six months later when we have to study for the failed paper plus another!

      ACCA needs to start considering it’s stakeholders and try harder to satisfy them!

  3. avatar says

    I feel there is a point widely missed. Completing papers simply grants one part of the ACCA qualification. Yes there is precious theoretical knowledge and critical thinking moving forward but implementation is a completely different process. Hence the IFRS is issuing guidelines and not strict bureaucratic rules. I feel the argument between first time and second or third (or more) time passers is just narrowing the ability to see the wider implications the most important of which (in our profession at least) is efficiency. When someone completes all exams at first attempt and completes the papers in record time still has to go through the PER. In reverse someone who has managed to complete PER but not the papers still has to be examined. The point of resitting exams merely brings the completion time of the qualification to an average (with a standard deviation included). In other words, one should be qualified whenever all criteria (qualitative and quantitative) are met allowing the person to fully respond to the duties and requirements of the profession. I do not see how this is affected by resitting exams provided of course that the degree of difficulty is the same, a point upon which I think we all agree. All knowledge acquired during our studies is vindicated (or not) in real life terms. This is why I feel the comparative of first time pass the papers and those who do not achieve the same objective is disorienting. There is absolutely no evidence to support that first time passers are more equiped and thus better accountants as there are also no evidence to support that non-first time passers are NOT slackers. As said before this will come up in later professional life. This is why the ACCA qualification is a mean to an end and not an end in itself. An end which is dependant upon numerous factors (ability, interest, willingness etc) which determine the value of a qualified person in later professional life. I would suggest that instead for each one to projecti their ego on the matter to rethink in terms of professionalism.

    Kind Regards to All

  4. avatar says

    I don’t think there should be re-sits. If you knew you could just retake within a month them surely you wouldn’t try as hard? The fact that its now you pass or wait 6 months means that you will study harder and unfortunately if you fail then you have to wait.. BUT your less likely to fail again after 6 months more hard study? If you kept retaking and failing you would feel worse about it!

  5. avatar says

    dear glennfisher,
    what can you possibly give for an answer to admin’s mail on the 6th March. Please drop this idea of yours is not going anywhere. acca is evolving, whether now or later we will get to that.

    the fact that you pass once doesnt mean others are failure, there are better students out there. if f1-3 can be taken at anytime, all acca exam can take the same format without compromising the standard. my friend, you must live in the century we live in.

    right before our nose, acca stop sending us Student Accountant magazine, acca raises exam fee almost every sitting, students in the UK Singapor etc no longer get hard copy result- strictly online. Things are changing & you must go with the flow.

    i assure you, the changes wont devalue the process as long acca continues with the current standard.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      @gabriel, there is no need to prolong this discussion :)
      we are sending the results to the ACCA
      we are not sending them updates, after that.
      they can conduct their own research and decide, we only did what students asked us to do

  6. avatarpeekaboa says

    are you saying that you prepare the exams the day before exams? you should have been consistent throughout your revision such that these factors would not affect you at all

  7. avatarpeekaboa says

    am i the only one who object? I think i should offer an opinion on a flip-side of coin. i am sorry to say that but having these rules in place would not be fair for those who have graduated as they need to wait for 6 months to re-take. Some students might not put much efforts or take in granted. There will also be consistency of questions standards. I am sorry to say that if you have put that much efforts or grasped the concepts correctly you wouldn’t even have flunked in the first place. Failed marginally or not makes no difference, you still fail.You fail it take it again at the SAME cost.

    I understand it is a hassle and tough moments having to wait for another 6 months but rules are rules, they are there for a reason and please don’t be so selfish and support this just because you happened to fail your exams.

  8. avatar says

    I voted against, this idea will complicate and depreciate whole program. Rules are clear and so should stay. This is seldom situation when fail mark gets person well prepared. Look on your failed exams – how many times did you fail but was HOPING for 50, which actually means ” I should have been studying much more”. Should this be awarded with additional sitting? I don’t think so.

    • avatar says


      dear friend, your position is not so clear on this matter, to me you do not have a justifiable reasons why this shouldnt stand. i simply wrote that acca should charge less for retake exams as well as allowing students to retake the exam in a matter of one month interval.

      this arrangement to me wont “depreciate” the value of the programme as you so claimed, instead, it’ll reinstates students confidence ( and acca commitment) in the entire process.

      laurentina, could you pls come up valid reasons why this shouldnt stand?

      i look forward to reading from you.


  9. avatar says

    i quite agree with my fellow students here, it’s only fair that acca charge less for re-take exams at least once.

    A month interval is just fantastic as the subject will still be fresh in student’s memory.

    please lets push this through to acca-it must be implemented.

    cheers! friends.

  10. avatar says

    Yes i think it is a great idea. students who fail should be allowed to resit within i month and it should be once before the main exam which comes six months later, not every month

  11. avatar says

    I entirely agree to retake axams in one month after the results. But my worry is, would that be enough time for revision say some one has failed 2 papers. You know the mood after exams is quite different so to make up and get ready for the exams might be quite tricky. Another thing is who meets the expenses of retake? ACCA or Student?. And what happens if you fail the retake?

    • avatarpeekaboa says

      @beyagala, yes you are spot on. if they fail the re-take it is not fair as it won’t affect the duration of ACCA then all ACCA grads graduate at the same time. This is just not fair to those who passed all on first attempt and worked so hard on them. Need to distinguish those better candidates still.

  12. avatar says

    The current debate can go on forever. But why focus on the negative aspect of your examination preparation? You guys should be talking and discussing about how to pass the exam rather than to focus on the frequency of re-sits for failed examinees.

  13. avatar says

    Yes ACCA should allow re-sits. as a matter of fact ACCA should consider offering their exams more than twice a year, thus working persons can schedule exams around their busy schedules. I do not see how it will deminish the profession as some claim. ACCA’s structure doesn’t allow for real life interferences like a vehicular accident the day of the exam, a death in family a few days before exam, a co-worker being hospitalised a week before exam and you no longer able to take time off to prepare (all of these have been experienced either by myself or my close friends). Mind you I work at a University and persons “do” get make-up exams when such circumstances arise as apposed to having to re-take an entire course for 5 months. ACCA does not even allow a refund but one must wait 6 months to do exam you would have already been preparing for,it’s a bit unfair because trust me persons with demanding careers make a lot of sacrifices trying to prepare for ACCA, especially us persons in regions with sub-standard/no tuition providers.

  14. Profile photo of chrissi11 says

    I think ACCA are a little out of date and this may cause students to pick CIMA which will devalue ACCA in the long term, as one accountancy body will grow and the other diminish. CIMA offers resits, ACCA does not. In the current financial climate all students need to pass exams not wait six months to do resits. My personal option is the exams should be computer based and it should simply be a case of applying when ready to complete as with F1-F3. Results would be instant and students could still work at their own pace. Whatever exam is taken, to pass you have to know the information. Putting all the exams into one/two weeks is simply stupid and shows little regard for student welfare.

  15. avatar says

    this is the greatest vote you people have ever made in the entire open tuition that makes me so happy . I accept without contradiction to this idea of rewriting the paper your failed after one month.
    God has sent you
    It a nice ting to implement as fast as possible .

  16. avatar says

    Hi there

    Time is running very fast and competition is on unavoidable now a days. ACCA unlike other qualifications (American) take long to qualify due to its exam polices, because student has to wait for next 6 months to attempt subject again (failed paper). ACCA is the most growing professional body from all over the world, but its exam polices and way of exam is still on 20 years old parameters. I started ACCA in 2007 and doing job, till now I am unqualifed because of system of exams. Number of attempts MUST BE more than TWO in a
    Student which has failed in June or Dec attempt, should be allowed to clear that paper within two weeks or 40 days INSTEAD of waiting for next time.
    This can save precious time of student.

    Thanks Admin :)

    • avatar says


      Fundamentally disagree with everything you have said.

      Resits will completely devalue the ACCA qualification.

      If you had passed the exams and were qualified you would not be of the same opinion.

      How would you feel if you had passed them all first time?

      • Profile photo of admin says

        @glennfisher, Resit is a resit, and is allowed by the ACCA. students can retake exam many times and have 10 years to do it..

        thinking your way: as it devalues ACCA, maybe they should not allow resetting exams completely.. just to be a club for those who pass the first time .. but what would be the point?!
        The value of any examinations is in your ‘mind’
        employers do not ask how many marks you had in this or this exam before they hire you, ACCA does not care either, pass is a pass,

        I think, in your mind, you are trying to make ACCA more that it really is! :) good luck

      • avatar says

        @admin, you are 100% correct employers do not ask how many marks you get, but unfortunately that was not a point I was making to support my argument. Nice effort though.

        Employers do however ask how long you have been studying for, which is a good indicator of your exam ability and liklieness of you passing the exams that they are likely to be paying for. Having another chance makes misrepresentations to your employers about the your exam ability and how you can work hard the first time around.

        A pass is a pass and that is exactly my point. If you do not get 50% it is not because you had a bad exam or were unlucky with the questions it is because you were not prepared enough. The resit shorly after the first sitting gives the badly prepared two bites of the cherry and I think that is unfair to the others that studied hard and prepared well the first time.

        You think, in my mind, I am trying to make ACCA more than it really is? What kind of statement is that?!?! I am not trying to start arguments here but you cannot be guessing someones thoughts.

        ACCA is generally the accountancy qualification that employers, trainees and indeed clients want.

      • Profile photo of admin says

        @glennfisher, Hi
        Please do not take it personally, but I think this 10% opposing it… is from people who never failed their exam yet..
        and while I am happy for them, there seem to be pattern, that they change their mind after they fail..
        some comments elsewhere on Facebook demonstrate that.. they would like to allow only the final 2 option exams to be retaken within 1 month.. (only because they failed it.. :)

        do you really think, people who failed exam badly.. will pass it again so easily? I don’t! Even if they could retake an exam on demand..
        Especially P level exams.. sadly, some students will never pass them.. because they require not just learning but thinking!

        my final sentence which seem to upset you.. I meant to say,
        Students can retake f1, f2 & f3 exams anytime they want already, does it devalue the qualification?? Were students 10 years ago,,, who were not allowed to do it because there were no CBE exams… treated fairly then?? No, but that’s life, the price of progress :)

        And re your comment, that only students who were not prepared enough … I am afraid, this is not 100% accurate..

        there are many other factors.. many outside of students control,
        ACCA is not perfect.. if it was.. pass rates for every exam would be similar year to year.. (statistically anyway) there were cases, few years ago Paper P4 was totally unfair and the examiner got sacked! but students were not given refund they had to wait 6 months to sit it again.. or do another optional paper.. they lost their hope of passing that one! Read another comment about P5 exam in December 2011..

        which bring me to my point, I said in other comments,
        it does not matter how many times you can re sit your exam,
        as long as the exam fairly assess the knowledge,


      • avatar says

        How would you feel if ACCA conduct exam after 2 years (means one attempt in two years).
        My point is that student should have some discretion to schedule their exam like USA education (CIA/CPA).
        My point is about number of attempts NOT about exam system.
        Thanks :)

      • avatar says

        @hafeezjaved, if you answer my question then I will have a think about answering yours.

        How would you feel if you had passed all the exams first time?

        Or even better – how would you feel if you had passed all the exams first time and a colleague passed them all at the second sitting.

        Assuming same ability etc you would qualify at the same time, be on the same pay, treated the same. But they would have more time off and basically not as good as you?

        No disrespect intended.

      • avatar says

        @glennfisher, Appreciated Boss :)
        which paper u r going to appear??.
        dear give me tip to pass p3.. failed twice:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

      • Profile photo of franca says

        @glennfisher,Hey the fact that you passed your exams at one sitting compared to your colleague and I dont understand how his passing in one months time or in six months time annoys you.

  17. avatar says

    Once again taking into consideration all the problems arising out of doing so and all other facts like the quality of ACCA,time gaps b/n exams after the retake, all other relevant discussions not merely out of the students urgency to retake the exams,it would be okay for managing the time, the quality or avoiding any other inconveniences as a result of the retake to allow finalists to retake one month later.Think about it.If however there are conditions under which ACCA could do that without compromising the issues raised above by other friends.

  18. avatar says

    I quite agree with this idea! i also think it should be opened to students who scored a minimum of 40 marks as this means that little more studies is needed to pass and this can be covered within a month. Also the retake should not be above one paper.

    I also think the time table for the exams should be looked into, having P1, P2, & P3 and even the Fs in the skill modules arrangement is not ok. Papers should be spaced to allow students write them orderly.

    I appreciate ACCA for cutting down the result release period to 6weeks after exams but will appreciate it the more if it only take 4weeks to get exam results.
    Retake after a month is a great idea!!!

  19. avatar says

    I agree with this idea. also it should be opened to students who scored a minimum of 40marks. this reflects that they need little more practice which can be gained within that one month to ensure passing the paper but it should be at a reduced cost.

  20. avatar says

    One other thing I would love to tell ACCA is that the decision to hold exams like F6, F7 and F8 the day after each other is not helpful. In most case I would say people sit exams in order and if you were to sit F6, F7 and F8, which i am doing in the June sitting, I have no study days inbetween these exams. So after sitting one exam I spend the rest of that day refreshing my knowledge and getting in the mindset of tomorrow’s exam. These exams aren’t easy and at least a day inbetween exams would be more than helpful. Surely they can re-arrange the days the exams are set on.

    • avatarpeekaboa says

      @schoolsin, are you saying that you prepare the exams the day before exams? you should have been consistent throughout your revision such that these factors would not affect you at all

  21. avatar says

    I think one of the reasons that is frustrated about the ACCA is the long time taken in preparing for exams (2 exam periods within one year), in addition to the large number of subjects.That is not happened in America. Life is short and quick and to complete exams you need a number of years at least five years of age to become qualified. I hope ACCA take the results of the poll into consideration.

  22. avatar says

    I received a reply from admin for my previous comments.
    I agree it is good for those who are just one exam behind to get their certificate.
    But for a regular student (i mean who is in the middle of this qualification) i still think it’s not worth.
    In a six months time we think we can take 3 exams.
    But if retake will be a month after the exam result (i.e. end of March) we will pay full attention to this exam. After that we will have two months left (April and May).so how many exams we will take in June (I would take just One).
    But If exams takes place three times a year that would be a better idea.
    Besides this if we really want to change the exam techniques some how, then in my opinion ACCA should change exam dates schedule.
    I mean F7,F8, F9 are in the same row no time to relax a bit and revise.
    There should be a change in dates for example :
    Day 1 = F1 and P5
    Day 2 = F5
    Day 3 = F2 and P6
    Day 4 = F6
    Day 5 = F3 and P7
    Day 6 = F7
    Day 7 = F4
    Day 8 = F8
    Day 9 = P1
    Day 10 = F9
    Day 11 = P2
    Day 12 = P4
    Day 13 = P3

    And one more thing can u make a section for Oxford RAP , where students can get material or guide.
    And those who have done it can upload their RAP’s and grades they got for their projects as a guide for other students.
    Thank u very much,and good luck for June.

    • avatar says

      i do agree that if we take retake we would end up with insufficient time for the remaining papers (i.e. 2 mnths to june)……….but didnt like ur suggestion for three exam sitting in a year.. to be honest im content with the current manner cause now that we already have some knowledge regarding the paper we flunked in …..saves time for studying …..we will just have to revise… some practice etc……therefore it wont be that strenous i believe. :)…

  23. avatar says

    yes this should be effeted because a fail does not mean your not good nor you didnt prepare but its just that you did not meet all examiner’s expectations. 6 months wait sometimes is demoralising and for us that we work at some point its hard to plan for resit and may find it even more hard to perform better.

  24. avatar says

    I think this would be very good option. With this option students who are very busy with work will not spend additional 6 months for retaking the same paper. They will have chance to retake exam after one month and then after 6 months to study the next paper.
    Also I think that shouldn’t be and difference between students who got more or less marks.

  25. Profile photo of hlony says

    I can`t agree more with those saying only those between 40 and 49 should be allowed to resit.Sometimes you fail not because you dont know or din`t prepare thoroughly but a few minor mistakes which could well be rectified.

  26. avatar says

    The quality of ACCA should be maintained in any decision as far as the examination is concerned, student who attempt one or more papers should only be allowed to write 1 month later on the conditions that : 1. he has failed the only paper seated for and obtained a minimum of 40 marks .
    2. he failed on out of two or three or four papers written and must have scored at least 40 marks.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      @kono, Amazing :) not sure why you are doing ACCA – because ACCA have already degraded themselves in your eyes..
      CBE exams for F1, F2, F3 students can take on demand anytime..

      The Quality of the exam should NOT depend how often you can sit the exam.

      BUT how well it tests you in the exam! Whether the exam is not too easy and not too hard, but just right level.. if the exam and the examiner is fair ….

      the list can go on

      but why shall I care :) it is just amusing (scary haha) reading some comments.

  27. Profile photo of tariqm says

    I think being allowed to re-take one month after the results is a reasonable option that should be available – this is not to say that every student will take this up as some may choose to wait and re-take at June sitting.

    Alternatively instead to making the option available to everyone this should be available for those who gain 45% or more (i.e. fail by a small margin)!!

  28. avatar says

    Disagree with mostly everyone. They definitely should not be allowed to do it 1 month after failing. ACCA is supposed to be extremely difficult to pass and therefore only people who are capable of carrying out the job will do so! If you let people sit them 1 month after (so much easier to pass) then the numbers of qualified members will fly through the roof. Thereby tarnishing the reuptation of the qualification, thereby making it harder for you lot to find a job.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      @mcwilliams, Hi there :)

      Not that I care, but you do realize, that there are students who do not work.. they study ACCA at universities,,, so Why should they have the benefit? compared to those students who work / have families to look after and study ….

      I think there are and should be better criteria for measuring students performance! in fact there are, 3 hours exam and ACCA can test the entire syllabus!
      so fair exams to begin with..

      I sense, in some comments here (not necessarily yours..)
      that some people are scared of competition.. flooding the market.. but I think, that attitude will change, it’s all good when it’s a pass ..
      it’s different when one fails…

      You do not want ACCA end up like one of those ‘local’ qualifications in corrupted countries – they set exams so hard that hardly anyone can pass, because they want to keep the benefits of it to themselves!

    • Profile photo of lewist says

      @mcwilliams, some of those who pass can’t even do the job,because they memorized the whole thing for the sake of passing but don’t actually understand why they are doing what they are doing in other words they don’t even believe in what they are saying but that is what is required to make them pass, so they write it and after the transcript it’s all down the drain. extremely difficult!? you make it sound like the military, ACCA is not difficult it is merely challenging. why are you so concerned about “the job market”, from what i see ACCA is fairly able to equip you such that you can run your own business, I for one am not studying so that i can get a job and hopefully by the time i finish there will be some with the same initiative so that instead of flooding the job market we create a job market. as for credibility, if you can jump over a six meter fence, it will remain a six meter fence even if you jump over it a thousand times. if you are scared of the dark, you will still be scared the next time and the next unless you find a solution so we are saying we are saying we don’t want to wait for dawn to cross the jungle of opportunity, i tripped and i fell but i’m willing to get up and move on not camp in the middle of nowhere waiting for dawn. despite the traffic jam you still buy cars so why not resit exams.

  29. avatar says

    i think they should definitely be allowed to resit after a month when the knowledge grasped is still fresh in their minds and when they are certain about where they went wrong.its the ideal time to have a second chance other than having to wait for 6 months..

    • avatarpeekaboa says

      @thefinancier, and how do you justify for those who worked so hard and passed on first attempt, and those mediocre could have second chances and still graduate the same time as the outstanding ones?

  30. avatar says

    Yes, definitely!

    CIMA students have been allowed to do this for the last few years, and if ACCA and CIMA are considered equal by employers, then I don’t see why we should not be offer the possibility to retake exams within the 6 months period. Otherwise, what is stopping us from moving to CIMA?

    I know for a fact that this helps, so given this possibility would be great in helping us get qualified in a more reasonable period of time and moving on with our lives.
    I think that we should all, besides voting and commenting, contact ACCA and pressure them into taking this decision. It is not fair that someone fails the last exam by 48% or 49% and then they wait for half a year to retake and by that time forget everything.
    Let’s force them into this decision people!

  31. avatar says

    Thanks OT for the poll, Doing an exam one month after does not seem to be realistic given the pressure from the completed exams. One has to be patient and prepare for the exam so as not to do it in hurry and u end up failing again

  32. Profile photo of fbwikizo says

    another attempt may not necessarily guarantee a pass. don’t be surprised that some results will even be far worse than previous attempt, because of the rush!
    With increased time pressure on even the examiner( technical articles, organizing the teams, making reports…..) the idea may end up yielding less sweeter fruits!
    But of course with super extra charges(may be double or even thrice the already sky rocketing normal fees), ACCA may be willing to put this as an option.

    To my view tough, let’s be patient and probably dream of the time CBE option will be available for the rest of ACCA levels. Otherwise, thanks admin for such a great view.

  33. avatar says

    I have had my ups and downs with the exams but everytime you fall you got to pick yourself up. It is a great filling when you finally get one up on a given module. You earn it, its not given to you. Keep it as it is, ACCA should not be made easy, thus why we chose it not CIMA{no disrespect}. Have you seen how GCSEs in this country have been made so easy, that kids cant carry out a challenging task in the longrun? Let ACCA tough you put! Before we consider this one month thing think about all those finalists that made it through by waiting 6months when things did not work out and passed eventually…wont they feel insulted? why make it easy for others and tough for others. ACCA is clearly a level palying field. By the way i failed p3 last siting and i am going to pass, when the time is right not when acca does me a favour, like do it in a month after a fail. My opinion and i dont expect it to be popular.

  34. avatar says

    Its good if they can appear in a month time. They have been recently appeared and they can address their weaknesses in this time period due to which they couldn’t pass the exam. If its possible to appear in one month, its a great favour to students.

  35. avatar says

    Yes but not in one month time because it could take some time for some students to come out of a depressing situation but certainly if exams could be held more than twice a year, that would be helpful but I don’t think ACCA would be that kind to be setting more than 2 papers for a year but if they do, it would be most helpful.

  36. avatar says

    For those who are advocating for this, I must beg to differ. If this 1 month re-sit is anything like supplementary exams for those who missed the final exams in University, they will be structured to be harder. I believe most who failed lack the understanding and comprehensive ability to tackle questions in exams, one month might not be sufficient to garner these skills. With these in mind, the possibility of a higher failure rate in these re-sit papers are not that far-fetched especially for the professional papers.

  37. Profile photo of sajjad110 says

    I would say YES ! ..
    because it is not only good for students but for ACCA also , as it makes a positive point for them.
    As student see that they can resit for a particular paper they failed, right after a month after the result, they think it positive point and wish to join ACCA .. because i think no other qualification offers this package…
    If ACCA thinks it will be costly for them , then they can set a fee more than a normal fee, this is how it may compensate.

  38. avatar says

    @monalisa i also agree with ur opinion……….waiting for six months is too long….to reappear in failed exam one month and to appear in other exams 4 months are enough…paying the subscription fees for two sittings only is also disheartening…there are many people who need financial support and they are waiting for atleast some of there papers to finish so they can start their jobs, for them waiting is really discouraging…it will be beneficial for the students…thankyou opentuition for raising this question…i hope ACCA does something about it

  39. avatar says

    hello, all of u (including me) who thinks exam technique should be changed, should also consider that its not easy for such a huge organization like ACCA.
    Consider if they think about it, what will happen.
    1st, we get exam results after two months and in these two months until we are not sure which subject we are going to take in next session e.g. i went on F7, F8 ,F9 exams Dec.I was thinking I won’t pass F7 And will pass F8 for sure .I started studying F7 .But i got passed in F7 and failed in F8. So two months have been Wasted.
    Now think if they arrange for retake they will have to arrange it in all the exam centres (at least two exam centres) in each country . They will employ more staff , more fees will be charged,may be double than it is now .
    Besides this consider we go to exams in Dec two months (Jan, Feb) have already been wasted (as mentioned above).
    We will study one month ( march) go to exam in say end of march.we will get results in May (In two months). And after the exams we will have two months for June exams (and we are not sure we have passed the last exams or not), AND we can just prepare for one exam in two months time .
    So where is the time efficiency and what’s the benefit.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      Totally valid points

      It is not my place, but how I would imagine it would work though,
      only for students with 45-49% marks
      and only 1 paper allowed to be sat.
      Exam 3-4 weeks after the exam results (so All papers would be set in one day)

      and because the number of students would be a lot smaller.. around 10% – maximum 30% only, of all students who would re-sit the exam.. ACCA should be able to mark all those scripts easily within 1 month :)
      if they can mark 363,000 exams in 2 months,.. it seems like 2 weeks would be enough for 50,000 scripts :)

      (I am not for or against it. just giving you perspective! :)

  40. Profile photo of ricia says

    Some restructuring ought to be done. I agree with a previous comment that more examination sittings should be held during the year, e.g. CGA has multiple sittings I believe every 3 months where coursework is submitted during the period of study. Thus students are gaining marks before the final examination. ACCA can adopt a similar approach to the number of exam sittings ( every 4 months) will be adequate. Also, I do agree persons should be allowed to resit their papers 1 month after the date of posting results. Six months is along time to wait especially when you are resitting your final paper.

  41. Profile photo of tauraiversatile says

    I vehemently agree with this idea because it even helps those who do not hold any other qualification to be quickly recognised on the market. We need to get going and providing this chance keeps students focused and really makes the carrier enjoyable. Paying subscription for only a maximum of two seats a year is even disheartening, hazviite!

  42. avatar says

    It will be better to have a resit exam 2 months after results for those who obtain marks from 40% and perhaps ACCA can improve some more by announcing the results within a month after exams and providing detailed breakdown of the marks for each students so that one can understand precisely which areas of questions they have failed to gain pass marks!

  43. Profile photo of lewist says

    i think we should be allowed because after this period we get rusty and are more likely to fail again, even though some may be tempted to rush themselves when they are not fully prepared but yes i think we should be allowed. it may not be one month but just imagine waiting six months of your life to gain something like an 8% improvement or worse still 2%. please Let it be that we can retake our exams in one month. thank you for the enquiry.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      to be honest with you, we left this issue (how many times…) for another Poll in 1 weeks time :)
      so.. here please don’t get distracted, and concentrate on this current question! :)

  44. avatar says

    Hello i gave 3 papers this time….f4 f5 and f6…..and i happened to fail in all three papers…..What shall i do???I’m taking f7 and f9 classes….
    IS it fine if i give paper 5, 7 and 9 this time???Would it be okay???Or will it be way to tough???
    For addition i sat for exams this december without any preparation at all…..Studying them right from now on for June exams…Will it be fine???Please help me!!!

    • Profile photo of tamour says

      ,5,7,9 requaires a lots of lot prectice…
      there is lots of similar concepts in 5,7 and 9…i also attempt these papers in june10 and passed all….synergies are very high…
      in my opinion best option….
      but on other side before this i,ve passed f4 and f6,,,,
      therefore in december attempt i was able to go with f8,p1 andp2…
      they are also interrelated….
      in last whatever you select,work hard and be confident inshaallah ,ll succeed…

  45. Profile photo of tamour says

    i passed my first 12 papers in 2 years(in first attempt)…but from last one year i am not able to pass p7.i,ve studied p7 twice and i,ve confidence in my concepts…but on the day i,ve made some real childish mistakes thAt caused me 18 months…
    i agree with admin…
    i m ready to pay 100 pounds per paper

  46. avatar says

    Resits a month after results is a great idea. I don’t think it will flood the marketplace with ACCA qualified accountants because you still have to pass the resit exam. Some people are talking like it’s like giving someome a pass with a resit one month after results. That’s not the case. It helps people who do pass get through the qualifications faster as they don’t have to wait until the next sitting to resit, but it doesn’t mean more will pass. There maybe should be a cut off that says those with a mark between 45 and 49% should get the chance to resit. Less than that should wait until the next sitting. Some other accounting bodies allow resits a month after results and I don’t see the market being flooded with accountants as a result of their decision to allow this. I think it’s a great idea.

  47. Profile photo of dipintee says

    I have passed acca level one…dont we get certificate or a card (apart the online results) stating i have passed the exams from the institution we are studying at…im applying for jobs and in case i get an interview what proof I am to show that I complete acca level one..?

  48. avatar says

    I agree, at least students will have extra time to polish not well known topics and practise exam questions. Most of the knowledge is still in head so will be less to remember than after 6 months. In my opinion having knowledge and understanding the subject does not equal passing the exam. And of course students could speed up with ACCA qualifications.

  49. avatar says

    Exam results are released about 2 months after so I don’t think the 1 month retake will make much sense since we will not know for sure if we have passed or failed. I would like to suggest that ACCA exams be offered at least 3 times a year.

  50. avatar says

    I agree and fully support this really discouraging after failing to retake after 6 months.6 months really matters in a student life esp who are enaged in working and other responsibilities and are striving for career progression depending upon qualifying ACCA.

  51. Profile photo of ekainujohn says

    This will go a long way to help students prepare immediately after the exams knowing fully well that they can sit for the paper in a month’s time. In most cases, right from the exam hall, you know were your weaknesses are and continuing studying will help build ones capacity, therefore translating to passing the exams. PLEASE it should be implemented!!!!!!

  52. avatar says

    i think student should be allowed to retake exams after a month. some times right from the exams hall you can tell that you’ve failed the exams so in that case knowing that i can retake the exams i’d rather just continue studying or look at my weak areas and spend time to get conversant with them and when the results are out if they are favourable good but if not take them after a month easy…. because really for some of us our future at work depends on these results so it would be of great help to us….. the exams are tough so if there are these flexibilities people might just do better. it is very demoralising for one to wait for another six months to resit exams but sometimes when i fail and think of the three months ahead of me to study the same paper i feel like my world is crumbling…. especially because most times you know the stuff just the exams says otherwise…. pls consider this option for us>>> thanks>

  53. avatar says

    45 %+ should b classified as a supplementary and written within a month,its demorilising to wait half a year to write an exam,besidse u would rip us off $ on these supplemantary examinations!wat does acca have to luz?

  54. Profile photo of kudzaishechipangura says

    We can’t have fly by night accountants, surely if acca exams are written within short intervals that’l demean the whole thing. It would certainly seem as if acca is more interested in people’s money because it takes time for an average being to fully comprehend aspects of a particular course and at the same time take even a week to pass an exam. The point is exam results are not the absolute determinant of whether someone has mastered a concept or not.

    • Profile photo of lewist says

      @kudzaishechipangura, if u had to drive a thousand kilometers to the airport, to catch a 10:30 flight to attend a job interview or your child’s wedding ceremony, and arrived at 10:35, i’m sure you would welcome another flight within two hours because it will have saved you 2000k/m worth of driving. in any case you will have missed the event so my point is time is not redeemable but this is as close as it can get and we the students have more to lose than they do, so why not?

  55. avatar says

    Students should be allowed to resit for the exams they fail within a month after the publishing of results.and results for these to be published within the period’s standard exam entry time frame.These exams may even cost slightly more than the normal June/December exam fees.I say this because it is demoralising for students to wait a longer period of time to resit their papers and thus completion of ACCA course exams is prolonged.I think this would increase pass rates.However,the exams should be designed for resitting candidates and those candidates with valid reasons for deferring/missing the June/December exams.

  56. avatar says

    if a student does not pass a sub by studying 6 months then he likely wont pass it after 1 more month of study anyway! but i think acca should make exam seating after every 3 months not six… 6 months is too long and frustrating for someone who has only one subject to go to finish acca :( it will even help retakes more flexible and not that time consuming.. about the job market well in my country ppl hardly recognizes ACCA.. theres not job market to begin with =)

    • Profile photo of kudzaishechipangura says

      @admin, exams are not designed to be hard but to test student comprehension of concepts prescribed in a relevant curriculum so as to establish their readiness for the market or their current position in the market.Exams are not hard but are failed if not seriously studied for.This automatically means time is of essence to that end, not on the part of the student alone but for ACCA as well. Imagine adjustments ACCA has to go through to successfully do that, the costs and so forth bearing in mind it’s a global exercise. Passing is important but understanding is way more important.

      • Profile photo of admin says


        Passing is important but understanding is way more important. – I totally agree and knowing subject – I meant understanding subject!

        Do not confuse though two things, ACCA is there for students/members, not the other way round! It’s students who have to work and study.So they are already under heavy time pressure! ACCA job is among other things.. setting exams.. it’s not really difficult! this is what they get paid for.

      • Profile photo of lewist says

        @kudzaishechipangura, i’m sure you do realise that sometimes you may understand the subject fully but still fail and on the other hand you can pass the exam with a distinction but not fully understand the subject, bare in mind that some of the people who are failing these exams may already be in the job market and some of them actually hold other “equivalent” qualifications so sometimes in the exam you’re dealt with cards that will not win the game, waona. i have to agree with admin

    • Profile photo of lewist says

      @rameez12345, please bare in mind that retaking is not a guaranteed pass and the number of people determined to retake will surprise you, nevertheless if one has passed, they still have to pass the interview to get the job. ACCA’s marketability or any other qualification thereof is not based how many hold the qualification but i’m sure it is on merit so our marketability is hooked on the performance of those currently holding the qualification not our performance in our exams besides you are hanging in the loop if you don’t enter the job market now, then you will most likely flood the market on the next sitting since you’ll be an extra.

      • Profile photo of tauraiversatile says

        @lewist, i agree with you, now the issue is not in understanding but in passing and how one has achieved a pass is not our business. Some can just memorise the concepts for the sake of an exam and forget them as soon as they get out of the hall. Further assessments like interviews will help to see if one can qualify for the job, this makes me agree with you and the admin as well.

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