Should the ACCA hold exams every 3 months?

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  1. avatar says

    One things for sho”. I have sacrificed my personal life, many trips overseas, drinking sessions, hot women, freakinn television, bad eye-sight, long hours spent alone, long hours of intense crazy studying. It’s like this self belief in ACCA is getting outta hand. What do they do in return for us? Increase the membership and fee by 2 pounds every month, stopped sending the student accountant magazines, miserable just plainly miserable. But whatever it is

    “the legend continues folks”

  2. avatar says

    Yes, exams every 3 months make perfect sense, especially for working students. ACCA asked this question few years back but no action until now. What happens is that in the busiest time of the year (plan, year end) we can’t get almost any time off but rather have a lot of overtime in order to finalize all tasks. All the efforts to allocate time fail as simply there is no time left! For the same reason I had to skip very many June sittings. December doesn’t impact me but am sure it works same way for the working students where YE is December end. It is strange that ACCA offers June session indeed and I am fully supportive of more frequent sittings options.

  3. Profile photo of jeile says

    Absolutely Yes. ACCA should consider (and I am certain they currently ARE):

    1. increment the number of sittings in a year: A sitting every three months would be very appropriate, particularly for WORKING accountants. We judt do not have the time, and we are asked to do more professional training outside ACCA by our employer, so time is becoming less and less available. This will allow us to take an exam at every sitting and being able to satisfy our employers too.

    2. ‘Computerise’ the sittings: I do not have any statistics, but I wonder how many times people have been failed due to their handwritting being difficult to read? – I am sorry, but we no longer handwrite. We type. ACCA MUST move with times and allow this in due course.

    I am in complete agreement with Darcha22. It is unbelievbable that our accounting body takes us (working accountants) away from our employers right in the middle of critical month end. I find it quite strange. They should have more consideration for the full-time employed. Not sure what percentage of ACCA students are full-time students and how many are employed full-time. Any informed statistics welcome.

    As for resits. I agree people should be allowed to take them while the knowledge is still fresh. At the end of the day, and without offending the powers that be, these exams are majorly fictional. Very few of us will ever be exposed to the full extent of the ‘Skill’ papers. I mean, seriously: I live in London (which economy is based on services – not only financial)… when will I find myself pondering whether I should be reporting Mix & Yield, material, labour variances? – Answer is never…. (Yes F5, you!). There is too much emphasis placed on manufacturing when britain stopped being a manufacturing powerhouse in the 60s. This should be taken into account.

    We all want to be top-tier accountants, and we ALL put the effort in – I doubt anyone who has picked up an ACCA book can be called a slacker – but as working busy people, and a lot of us no longer in our 20s, we need to be given a proper opportunity to qualify.



  4. avatar says

    Here’s another thought

    Exam dates should be outside of the first week of the month, as accountants we have a thing called month end when exams are going on, puts unnecessary pressure on students. If I want to sit 3 exams at Christmas I need to go to exams and then work late that night to get month end done.
    Baffles me that the exam dates are still around month end……
    Middle of the month would make more sense for people that work

      • avatar says

        I agree too, the ACCA hasn’t considered the impact the exams have on their students, who work full time and have month end to complete. Hopefully the ACCA will consider our requests

  5. avatar says

    This would be brilliant. Less stress for me to be honest
    Would be great for those who work full time.
    I would sit an exam every 3 months, it’s such a great idea

    Hopefully it will happen from jan next year

  6. avatar says

    I think 3 times a year is much better, 6 months is too long to wait between exams, with 3 months coming round too quick, ACCA seem to be obsessed with going from 2 exams a year to 4 without ever asking students if 3 sittings a year would satisfy everyone, All 4 times a year is going to do is to reduce quality and increase ACCA exam costs and who do you think is going to end up paying these additional costs ?

    • avatar says

      Thumper, your augment of the costs increasing doesn’t make sense. They already have everything in place, we pay an exam fee, per exam we write, therefore it will be the individuals choice if they wish to write more or less exams a year.
      The rules of supply and demand, would dictate the market. There is the demand for more exam sittings per year, over 80% of the people (in the UK) who voted in the graph about wanted to have additional exam sittings per year.

    • avatar says

      I am currently petitioning the ACCA, have phoned them today and referred them to this discussion site and have sent the link on this webpage to their Facebook page. If you want them to change their current exam sitting schedule, it would be good if allot of us wanting this change phone them and write on their Facebook page.

      Someone said it would cost more money to have additional exam dates, I disagree we already pay per exam sitting, so why would the costs increase?

  7. avatar says

    Yes, ACCA should offer exams every three months and not just for people that have failed an exam. I personally would like to write an exam every three months, that way I wont need to stress about working full-time, spending time with my family and trying to co-ordinate enough time in the day to study two separate modules.
    When we were in school studying or if you are studying full time, you have more time on your hands and therefore it is less stressful.
    Starting the momentum of studying and then just stopping is annoying too, having to start and break habits.
    Dont think the ACCA are viewing us as people with lives. We live in a society where health matters, and stress is one of the biggest causes of ill health.

  8. avatar says

    Exams 4 times a year gives candidates more flexiblity. Retakers who are sitting 1 or 2 papers are likely to welcome this. Candidates sitting for the 1st time could do it after 9 mths instead of 3 if they need more time for preparation.
    However, there are going to be cost increases which all ACCA related parties particular students will need to pay for. This will be in subscriptions and exam fees. Are you willing to pay for this increased flexibility?
    I think not so don’t hope for this to happen in the short term. There is no free meal in this business world.

  9. avatar says

    I think exams should be every 6 months, but those who failed an exam should not have to wait another 6 months. I therefore think retakes could take place 2-3 months later. If we fail an exam why the hell should be have to waste another 6 months of our lives before we can attempt the exam again. This is particularly painful when you have failed an exam by just 1% or 2% and/or you know you made a silly error in an exam, which lost you those vital few marks.

    I expect the reality for the ACCA is that it would be an administrative nightmare to coordinate 2 more exam sessions a year, so I expect it will never happen.

    Having said that, they should look at what CIMA does. CIMA allows retakes a few months after a main exam session. If it works with CIMA, the ACCA could also make it a reality too! What about benchmarking, ACCA? You preach it, why not practice it?

  10. avatar says

    I believe having an exam session every three months is perfect. Those who wish to write their papers every 6 months can still do so. After all the maximum number of papers per year is still 8 papers. Every three months will help with rewrites and also for those who wish to finish exams quicker. This would be perfect !

    • avatar says

      I think 3 times a year is much better, 6 months is too long to wait between exams, with 3 months coming round too quick, ACCA seem to be obsessed with going from 2 exams a year to 4 without ever asking students if 3 sittings a year would satisfy everyone

  11. Profile photo of trinistudent001 says

    I believe that the 3 month option is very attractive for persons who wish to resit exams, rather than students who are writing a paper for the very first time. Its very painful to go through a whole six month period to sit an exam you’ve already studied for but really need the time to sharpen on exam techniques that need work. I believe its a wonderful initiative. For people like me who have resit exams before, I endorse it 100%

  12. avatar says

    I don’t see why and what right people have to monitor other people’s exam frequency preference or mental capacity.

    Exam entry is not compulsory, The fact that exams are every 3 months doesn’t mean students ought to sit exams every 3months. Those who cannot cope with sitting exams every 3 months simply do not enter every 3 months. Wait for 6 months and them enter for your exams, that way every body’s happy so, I don’t see what the problem is?

    I don’t think people should have the right to decide what other people’s mental ability is or should be. People saying the extra exam sittings should be used only for resits are doing just that when they say that. What if some people have the mental capacity or even have no resits and they can better utilize the extra exam sittings by passing other papers in 3 months time rather than waiting for a whole 6 months?

  13. Profile photo of mosaeedmosaeed says

    Having exam in every 3 months looks good but in my opinion the main exam should be in every 6 months with an option to do a resitting for those who fails in main exam. The resisting should be limited for those who took part in last session of the exam.

  14. avatar says

    Its a +ve change that ACCA is moving on to 3 months exam scheme.
    so there should be more and more focused study.
    but ACCA should have to add some more value added services to raise the credibility of its certification.
    Even Here in Pakistan the Student who qualifies but lacks practical knowledge in a sense that accountancy firms are reluctant to employ them so an ACCA qualified is of no value to them even after completion so ACCA should not only change the exam schedule but also needed to add some valuable services to bring shine in its certification. And those who vote No… I believe they are dumbest and laziest

  15. avatar says

    well my opinion is that 3 months would be better considering that there will 4 sittings, students can focus on 1 paper every 3 months if they want and as such they can be more efficient in exams. 3 months for 1 paper would be very nice and we can perfect ourselves in each and every paper 😀

  16. avatar says

    6 months is too long time. Out of that 3 months is wasted anyway. So taking exam every 3 months will keep student more in touch with studies and some may have the opportunity to finish ACCA qualification quicker.

  17. Profile photo of wagistic says

    yes….falling a paper does not mean u cant u jz need a little time to make up to the challenges on that paper u falled…rivising with in six months will be a long period of time but three months is ok……

  18. avatar says

    taking exams after three months will compromise quality of the product, effective learning goes with a reasonable period of time. ACCA has been the leading provider of accounting studies and it is no coincidence that the time frame of six months has played a significant role.

    • avatar says

      @manyoni, I disagree that the number of exam sittings has an influence on the quality of the students completing their ACCA studies. The gate-keepers of quality are the examiners therefore the only way the quality will drop will be if the examiners (and thus ACCA) reduce their standards. Having more sittings in a year will increase the throughput of students and could only be a good thing for ACCA.

      I wonder how many of us fail our exams because we have been drawn into a false sense of security knowing that 6 months equals ages (I know I have and am now pooing myself). This isn’t, before anyone says, ACCA’s fault. It is ours alone. If the exams were every 3 or 4 this would enable focussed study and more inline with tertiary institutes. It will enable students to complete 8 papers a year by sitting 2 at a time (I’m back on 3 month sittings) when they may not be able to under the current schedule.

      In saying this, however, I am aware that there are a lot of us students around the globe and the logistics of holding two sittings must be a nightmare – but 4? Wouldn’t like to be the one in charge of that :o)

    • Profile photo of gwen2000ie says

      I get results and return to college the following week, study for three months and then exams, the gap that is between sitting the exam and results is wasted even if you know you messed up in the exam hall and will have to repeat, so rather than continue to study for a repeat there is just no point as six months is far to long.
      if there was a repeat option in say March and August then people could keep study and get better marks and ultimately be more competent in the paper complete quicker. Acca make a fortune out of us all so we should demand more services for this money.

  19. Profile photo of jazibali says

    I will go with Yes..coz it will help to improve learning & make it easier for students to take less papers and pass them easily…it is sort of flexibility for students of ACCA…If this happens that will be a very Good thing!

  20. avatar says

    its great idea to have exams every 3 months but ACCA should focus on pass % as well should reduce to 40% and also provide relief for those students who fail in papers having support financially with 50% off.

  21. Profile photo of chrissi11 says

    Exams should be every three months,it is simply better for students. It allows gentle progression through the sylabus and would in effect make resits possible and quicker. Having to study again for 6 months after failing an exam by a few percent is unfair. Many of my friends have taken the CIMA route for this reason.

  22. avatar says

    I’m not convinced. This will make qualification easier and may devalue the ACCA qualification in the eyes of employers in the longer term. I’m quite happu to put in the work required to pass under the current system, as are thousands of others.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      well, to be honest, If ACCA ever considers making such changes, they will contact approved employers for their opinion,

      I can see one point why employers might like the idea though it will give flexibility to their employees/students
      it is not uncommon, that students go to courses and exams in their busy periods.. if exams were 4 times a year, employers could decide when their students could take exams so it does not affect their business as much.

    • avatar says

      @semumutiro, Exam entry is not compulsory, The fact that exams are every 3 months doesn’t mean students ought to sit exams every 3months. Those who cannot cope with sitting exams every 3 months simply do not enter every 3 months. Wait for 6 months and them enter for your exams, that way every body’s happy so, I don’t see what the problem is?

      I don’t think people should have the right to decide what other people’s mental ability is or should be. People saying the extra exam sittings should be used only for resits are doing just that when they say that. What if some people have the mental capacity or even have no resits and they can better utilize the extra exam sittings by passing other papers in 3 months time rather than waiting for a whole 6 months?

  23. Profile photo of sukshma239 says

    as somebody had said earlier having exams every three months would keep students energetic throughout and also don’t have to wait long to finish remaining last paper.
    It is totally understandable if ACCA couldn’t do this b/c of the increased workload , possible delays in communication worldwide etc….
    I Pray that ACCA would come up with some idea that would benefit both, students and ACCA itself.

  24. Profile photo of bluanne says

    i have been wanting this since forever …this will be a dream come through if this happens….the six months waiting period makes me lazy…so the three months will make work harder and get through faster

    • Profile photo of sukshma239 says

      @bbbee, if you could sit for 4 exams per session then you would only sit for two in three months, tht’s all.After all you need to study what you have to study and as you know ACCA is already very flexible in this regard(i.e. no number of papers compulsory per session) . Does that make sense?

  25. Profile photo of boscochigwenembe says

    I feel ACCA should be holding exams every 3 months yes. Some students remain with only a single paper to complete but it becomes burdensome to wait until the lapse of 6 months just to finish. This delay also contributes to missed opportunities like job offers and career progression. Most employers specify ACCA as a precondition for entry into their system. With current economic challenges one would need this paper faster so as to mitigate the effect of financial hiccups.

  26. avatar says

    That will be a good progress. I support that. You have to attempt 14 papers. That will shorten the time towards qualification. I think it will not hinder your other commitments towards your family or work. You can manage your time, I am sure, if you put qualification as your ultimate goal, and concentrate on that.

  27. avatar says

    Quartly exams do not consider workers especially those who are married because you have to balance three things:your work place,family and studies for sitting ACCA exams.But for fresh students(single,not working yet) i see no problem.

  28. avatar says

    Thank you ACCA for taking the plan for changing ACCA exams quarterly

    Quarterly exams will help the students in great deal to pass the papers soon and qualify quickly

    1. it increases the chances to qualify soon
    2.It gives us an opportunity to pass more papres within a year
    3.there will be a shorter time of period for the results so soon we can restart studies for the papers previously failed as a result the chances will be more for passing the failed papers
    4.there wont be longer gape between exams so this makes us active in progress studies

    5. it gives us a confidence to be back for studying
    Finally i say that i agree 100% for taking the exams quarterly
    since two and a half year i have only passed one paper in skill module the main reason is that i am a full time employee and have to take care of my family and missed some attempts for some papers so deffinitely quarterly exams help students pass their papres quickly

  29. Profile photo of medovix says

    Absolutely, this is what i have been looking forward to. Students will have many chances to pass the exam and no time to relax. the main problem of failure is the long wait until results are out and you know what next step to take. That time lag plus exam frustration causes laziness to start effective studies until closer to the exams. There fore good to make it continuous every three months. I will be a qualifier in a year i bet you.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      It is up to you, students to put pressure on ACCA!
      We are going forward the results of the survey and the comments to ACCA..

      if you really hope it should happen, then your comments should be more positive and not only trying to find reasons why it might fail :)

  30. avatar says

    that is great and a welcome idea by me, but to be useful; examination results better be released earlier say three to four weeks after the examination day so that one can prepare the failed paper and be ready to resit in the next three months. this will be useful to those students who are re sitting the failed paper who does not require full coverage of the syllubus but only require to polish up some ereas or topics

  31. avatar says

    My opinion is that ACCA need to change how they examine in one of two ways.

    Firstly, they should make examinations every 3 months as this poll suggests. That way you can concentrate on individual subjects rather than cramming in several subjects at one time. It will help focus students attention on the subject they are studying at the time.


    Secondly, they should allow resits for those that have failed an exam by 5-10%.

    Each way would assist students in going into exams with focus on a given subject, and the best chance of retaining the information for the specific exam.

    Doing both wouldn’t work, but one or the other would be beneficial.

    If ACCA are then considering moving exams to a computer-based system this should make the sitting of exams and marking of exams in both cases easier and less time consuming for markers so that results can be released in time for resits or the next quarters exam sitting.

    I don’t see how this should make much more of an additional cost to ACCA for marking. They will just be spreading the marking of papers over the period of a year rather than squeezing it into a month’s period after every six month sitting. Examiners do have to take more time to write exam questions, but that’s about it as far as I can see. The rest is just a spreading of cost over the course of the year.

  32. avatar says

    AD 3:

    and what about publishers who publish books which are valid, theoretically, for 1 year only? Are they going to change that and increase books available during the year?

    After December’s 2011 sitting I ordered books at the begining of January but received books one month after because books were out of stock :( and couldn’t begin studing earlier

  33. Profile photo of onwumah says

    I strongly believe it will help me to achieve membership fast. If i take two subjects every three month, I do not see that as much load on me. So ACCA can do that. Its also not compulsory that students should enter for exam every three months.

  34. Profile photo of braintree says

    The comments following the feature question all have their points and some make sense, albeit, some not very thoughtfully made. However, the concerns expressed here fail to recognise pertinent realities. I will try to present a balanced perspective, both for the Association and for students, the later of which I still am.

    Firstly, the ACCA has remained a formidable institution, presenting up-to-date testing of the knowledge and practical aspects of accounting as a profession. Running these examinations is a very expensive affair, and students cannot imagine the tremendous resources and individual efforts at ensuring smooth behind the scenes operations.
    For example, imagine the difficulties we sometimes experience when registering for exams, or when results are released, the clogging of the web pages. How about the amount of paper work, late entries by students who carelessly leave it till its too late.

    Should we opting for the rendition of resits? Then the huge tasks of conducting these examinations (across the world, for more than
    500K students) operations may overwhelm the process, thus resulting to mistakes, which would in turn lower the value and integrity of the qualification. Bottom-line, we would not want that.

    On the other hand, the rigour involved in preparing for, and writing the examinations, the elaborateness of detail, the mental strain for the students, including taking cognisance of changing rates for taxation or new standards and/or interpretations, all make it onerous for the student. If a resit is attempted say within 1 month of having received the previous results, it’s most likely that performance may not vary much in favour of a positive result.

    The examples cited of the CPA in America, CIA and the FBI, does not validate the introduction of similar operations. Note, the American market is very large. Currently, I presume the ACCA is finding it challenging to break that market. These are real issues, for directors in various regions faced with a competitive market for financial qualifications and education industry, for which there are several watered-down versions, which drop outs usually set-up.

    Citing of factors such as working/life balance and qualification pursuits makes sense but does not in its entirety give credence to running the examinations 3 or more times, nor does it validate the
    pegging of persons who should be writing these resit exams.

    We have already witnessed the giant strides taken to modernise the ACCA, online submission (similar to timely online submission of Company House forms or tax documents, or timing deadline for contract bidding) all which prepare the student for real life circumstances. Other examples include online student magazine which has reduced costs, tiered exam entry to enable students understand timeliness and savings opportunity, outreach programmes and so on.
    I fail to understand what the rush is. One who really wants to study accountancy, will prepare, write and persist. If the story of Winchy, the Spider is your experience, then take heart. Remember, the Spider made it eventually.

    The lesson, persistence.

    Finally, after studentship is membership, and I perceive the ACCA has a substantial number of these. All in all, studying for the qualification is no doubt challenging, expensive and time consuming. However, diligence, practise and consistency will always be rewarding.

    Happy studying.

    J. N

    For further comments and expressions, the writer can be reached on

  35. avatar says

    I haven’t read all the responses yet, but if 4 exams are set a year per paper, rather than 2, then that pretty doubles the work and there for the cost of the examiners. This would quickly filter down to us students to pick up the tab for the increased admin.

    I agree with all the other points however. It spreads the workload more evenly and will result in better quality results all round

  36. Profile photo of admin says

    the benefits (some are half serious)

    1) flexibility for students
    2) better knowledge retaining
    3) not pushed to sit 3 or 4 exams in one sitting – but 1 or 2 means better chance of learning / understanding the subject and better pass rate

    4) examiner would have a full time job :) setting 4 exams a year
    5) exam markers would have a full time job – and would get better at marking exams..
    6) only the best ‘exam markers’ would be used as there would not be need for a massive number of exam markers every 6 months..

    any other “Yes” ?

    • avatar says

      @admin, honestly how many people sits 3 or 4 exams at the same time? People who have no kids, no work, no family or… their native language is English 😉

      We should do a questionaire about that, shouldn’t we?

      • Profile photo of admin says

        @perfecta1, well, we did run surveys or poll: how many papers.. in the past, but there is no problem running another instant poll in again for June 2012!

        so, what is the question you would like to see in this poll> How many exams? or something else?

      • avatar says


        why not to ask people how many exams they sit at every attempt? where they have books from? (website, ebay, friends)
        would they prefer exams every 4 or rather every 3 months every year? WHat should be the maximum sits every year? (4×2=8, or 3×3=9 or maybe 4×4=16 for veeeeeryyyyy ambitiuos people??)

  37. Profile photo of admin says

    So there is a pattern emerging :)

    1) Many students who do not like this idea, forget that it is not compulsory to sit every 3 months, they still could study 6 months, it is just when they would sit their exam would be more flexible!

    2) Some students worry about degrading of the ACCA qualification – but they forget, that at the moment, students can take 4 or 3 exams at one sitting.. which seems like this ‘rush’ and ‘degrading’ is happening now anyway! And if you were to take only 2 exams every 3 months.. you could study in greater detail. rather than rush through 3 or 4 exams at 1 sitting..

    3) Students who worry about the exam results being late.. you do not have to wait for your results, and you can start studying for your next exam.. even if you failed and need to retake it.. you will not forget all your knowledge in 3 months.. it is harder to retain what you have learnt over 6 months period..

    (just some thoughts clarifying to some people who doubt it would work :)

    I am a bit astonished, as intelligent ACCA students as they are, some could not figure it out 😉

    Any other ‘NO’ reasons I have missed?

    • avatar says

      @admin, Admin, I am in total agreement with you. You made some valid points and I wish acca would look into this very quickly.
      Some students are lamenting over the fees that might increase, but we still spend so much when we do fail and exam. It boils down to the same thing

    • avatar says

      @admin, AD 3:

      and what about publishers who publish books which are valid, theoretically, for 1 year only? Are they going to change that and increase books available during the year?

      After December’s 2011 sitting I ordered books at the begining of January but received books one month after because books were out of stock :( and couldn’t begin studing earlier

      • Profile photo of admin says

        @perfecta1, why should the books changed? They are valid for 1 year.. not for 6 months :) Unless there is syllabus change/update. books are perfectly fine

        Anyways, all the comments here and the instant poll, is just seeing what students think about it..

        ACCA is not changing anything at the moment,

      • avatar says

        @admin, we assume that in case of 4 exams per year they will be in March June, Sep and Dec but…..

        What if they would be in Feb, May, August, Nov?

        I would like to buy books in Nov 2012 to sit an exam in Feb 2013 what is almost impossible if you want them form BPP’s website.

        I know that ACCA is not changing anything at the moment but everything must be considered.

      • Profile photo of admin says

        @perfecta1, You really worry too much in advance :)

        ACCA can announce the change of the syllabus tomorrow if they want to.. let’s not have a sleepless night over something that is purely hypothetical

  38. avatar says

    thank you ACCA,thank you ACCA, thank you ACCA. For me, this is one of the greatest innovations ACCA is trying to introduce and also one of the reasons why it will continue to be a leader in the accountancy education & certification. I wholly support the proposition for two reasons:
    1. it saves students money and,
    2. it will help students to have more opportunities to
    correct their mistakes in a relatively short period and
    get their confidence back on track.

  39. avatar says

    Yes they should because then you’re not struggling to balance two/three topics at a time. You can concentrate on one/two paper(s) and three months is plenty of time to study and revise.
    As for reducing exam fees, well, there’s no point really. You get the exam opportunity so fees shouldn’t come into the decision at all.

  40. avatar says

    Result in 2 months is already very late. More exam session per year means less student per session so ACCA can give results early. They can also improve marking process time with the help of all the technology available.

  41. avatar says

    The idea of exam after every three months is great. It would be helpful for people working and studying part time which help them to concentrate on 1 or 2 papers per exam session and give better results. Also student who have failed marginally can be benefited from this option as 3 months are enough to prepare for reattempt.

  42. avatar says

    all is about maitaining standards and knowledge. it will be desastrious if we churn out more exam passas than those who have acquired knowledge and can put into practice. this require ample study time and resourses. we should not huury to pass exams just to have certificates!

  43. avatar says

    Yes i was already thinking that acca should increase the exam sittings. It will b most useful for those who failed by few marks. This time i failed my f8 with 47% marks. I need a litle preparation more. If there r 4 or even 3 sitings per year, it would b a great idea.

  44. avatar says

    professional exams is not a sandwich course ,every exams require a standard , ACCA conducts exams 2ce a year this will provides an opportunities to student to practice,review and synthesized appropriately more so provide a medium to the examiners to mark and scrutinize scripts ,i strongly support 2ce a diets per annum.

    • avatar says

      @lynre, the number of times acca conducts the exam does not define the course neither will it damage the standard of the profession. the number of times acca holds exams still does not change the structure of the exams, so i am not quite sure what you are talking about. you have a choice, its not manditory. so what you think, the exam will become easier if acca conducts it every 3 months/ think again. so how will that lower the standard of acca? i am not sure if i understand you clearly.

  45. avatar says

    Good to have exam result just in a month and following that have a chance to get just failed exams in the next month and to get ready to have new exam beside this in 3 months.yes it would be great.

  46. avatar says

    Great,i agree with this idea too.It is going to be good not only for some failed exams but also for getting just one exam in three months in order to improve our chance of passing exams.

  47. avatar says

    On the other hand, it’s not possible to have exams 3 or 4 times a year. It takes ACCA 2 months to inform students about their results. So if the exams will be every 3 months it means that we would have to enrol for an exam without knowing results. So how we will now which wxam we should sit? (in case if someone won’t pass)

    for example: If exam is in Dec next one should be in March. To sit and pay the minimum price for an exam we would have to enrol in end of January and we get results in mid Feb.

    I do not agree to rise all fees to one level (let say 80 pounds per skills exam) The prices are disgraceful already!

    • avatar says

      @perfecta1, dear please let acca figure this out. we want what is best for us. let acca do their work. there are many ways to tackle stuff. acca is a big organisation and they can do it if they want to .ok.

      • avatar says

        @joycelyn37, I am not against exams every 3 or 4 times a year but… some organisations are not good in making changes. Yes, they understand why we need 3 or 4 sits per year but will they improve other ‘areas’ following that change???

        if yes? Go ahead but do not forget about making changes in other things at the same time.

        The question was about exams only. Maybe there should be another questionaire about results too?

        In some way we pay for making changes and we have the rigth for deciding as well…

  48. avatar says

    4 months sound considerably better!

    I work and study at the same time. During the year I have an average time of 9 months for studing (rest are holidays, time spent with friends and family etc) 4,5 months is not enough for me to sit 2 exams but too much time for preparing for just 1.

  49. avatar says

    Yes, ACCA should definitely hold exams every 3 months. They should come up with this kind of pols and ideas. They have been around for a long time and holding exams just twice a year it is not really up to date with the fast pace economic environment that we live and work today. So please ACCA take a look at the pol and make the right decision.

  50. avatar says

    This could be a lot better! There are so many people failing the exams when sitting for more than one paper, as the workload per paper can be extremely overwhelming. And also going back to information already learnt to retain the information. If not every 3 months, then why not every 4 months, i.e 3 sittings per year. Currently I only take one paper per sitting as I find 2 or more too much and if working towards a 2.1 or even 1st degree for OB, then one has to put in a lot of effort to pass way above 50%. I really hope ACCA will show their innovation by considering this.

  51. Profile photo of claudeverson says

    Yes for resit, so that the idea will remain fresh in your head, if not, it will be disastrous for the pass rate due to poor preparation and planning. Rush! Rush!! and Rush!!! leads to massive failure.

    • avatar says

      @claudeverson, This will help students who fail and reduce on the work load of studing. i.e only take one subject in three months and four per year, thus increases the chances of passing with good results.

      thank you

  52. avatar says

    Seriously speaking, For those of us who are in full time employment, sitting for ACCA exams every 3months is a bad idea. 6months feels like 3months… 3months will be like 1month… its hard though possible. i foresee a multiplied multiplicity of multitudeness of fails than passes…

  53. avatar says

    I strongly agree with this, though this is a professional exam it assumes that the candidates/ students should be competent and be able to complete the courses with knowledge previously gained thus making the new ones easier to grasp. CPA for many years have been having exams like this and the classes are set up in such a way that it prepares the students for exams and not teach the fundamentals of accounting because this they should already know. and also it keeps the students in that mode of studying and preparation for exams it will also help in their work environment.

  54. Profile photo of salu007 says

    I donot agree with this.Looking at the Global ACCA pass rates this would’nt work very well.It would become a rush which should not be done in professional Qualification like ACCA.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      @salu007, How is taking 2 exams every 3 months different from taking 4 exams (like some students do at the moment,,) every 6 months?

      it should actually improve the pass rate and since they will be able to dedicate more time to 2 exams, they will study in greater details.

      I do not see ‘rush’ in this approach, it is not mandatory, I see flexibility

      • Profile photo of salu007 says

        @admin, Well sir you might be right.But there are students who take 2 exams every 6 months and still dont pass possibly because most of them are doing full time jobs.Although it might work if they take 1 exam every 3 months.I used the word RUSH becoz dont you think some students might start taking 4 papers every 3 months this will not happen unless ACCA puts a restriction on the no of papers that can be taken every 3 months.i agree with you with the flexibilty that it has got.I think if this happens ACCA should put a restriction of Max of 2 Papers every 3 months so that the strudents can get enough time to go through the entire syllabus. And also one more thing students who take 4 exam papers at a time are very less actually and few of them actually pass all the papers this thing is also worth considering .in the poll where the students can appear after 1 month i agreed with that becoz i have seen a lot of students failing with a percentage between 45-50% they wont have to wait for 6 months to appear for the paper again .That is all from me my personal opinion the results of the poll tell a different Story wharever is the decision taken i wish all the ACCA students best of luck!!!!

  55. avatar says

    This is a profession and I dont thick rushing to finish it isn’t a good idea, but having to understand it and apply what we study the entire life we have. So I would say its not a good Idea to write exams every 3 months. Nooooooooo!!!!!

  56. Profile photo of karmuks says

    every 3 or every 4 months is perfect for me,this would greatly save my time on failed exams. And those students who are not able to prepare in such a short time can sit exams every second session if they are every 3 months.Only thing is that exam results have to be early otherwise what is the sense?

  57. avatar says

    I feel there should be 3exam sessions a year,that would help because most of the students prepare 3months before exam ,even the tuition providers give tuition n revision in that period…so I think it would be ideal to have exams every 4months say,in April ,august n December …n they get two 3months for each session…qnd for others who don’t want 3session cud write twice a yr….because in 4exam session a yr…in march ,June,sept,December…..u will have only 2months to prepare….but considering the re-sits of those who failed in the exam it’s alright maybe to have 4session…but 3 is still ideal..

    • avatar says

      @joycelyn37, i don’t think it would be mandatory but student would do exams when they are ready so if a particular student is ready to sit within 3 months then that can be done while another might need 6months to prepare for the exam

  58. avatar says

    I work full time whilst raising a family and self studying. In addition to this I have seen throughout my working life that you need to apply your skills in practice so its not all about how quick you can pass an exam. Have you got the ability to be able to apply this in practice? From what I’ve seen in pratice some ACCA quailifieds who have rushed through exams are not able to apply their qualification in practice. For that reason I would say why the rush!

  59. avatar says

    Everyone who is currently writing ACCA exams and keenly follows ACCA Exam administration procedures is able to see how ACCA is struggling with the current 6-month exam interval system. The online payment system and MYACCA window keep crushing now and then. There is need to upgrade the current set-up before ACCA can think of changing to 3-month interval. It could be a good idea to students but an administrative nightmare to ACCA, and I can foresee disastrous inconviniences, I wonder why people can’t see it. Additional resources need to be put into improvements to the current system. Otherwise, students will bear the cost of any errors through hiking of Subscription and Exam fees. They are already too.high.

  60. avatar says

    Yes please. We sometimes attempt 3 papers in 6 months and most times fail all three, because it is too much stuff to retain, especially for students who work.
    However if given the opportunity to write the exams more often, we will try to concentrate on only one and finish the course faster.
    This is a fantastic idea and acca should definitely look into this matter. However students have a choice, that can either wait for six months or the three months. We all are different.

  61. avatar says

    I think 3 times in a year will be more ideal at least one can do one paper at a time and put more concentration only when one fails then can do 2 paper. This will reduce on the burden on those who sometimes do 4 papers at a go. Also ACCA should be ready to produce results soon.

  62. Profile photo of swaydoe says

    Having exams every 3 months is a great idea as it will give students more opportunity to take as many exams as they feel they are prepared for sooner. Additionally, it will also allow for you, if you so chose, to take one exam @ a time and still complete more exams as you may have if taken every six months.

  63. avatar says

    LOL , hey its not that easy to arrange exams every three months with the current exam system .
    twice a year is much better and ideal , for current exam system .
    btw i read somewhere that ACCA is changing written exam to some computer based exam, so in that case it would be managable for both the students and the ACCA .

  64. avatar says

    I think it would be much better for ACCA to maintain the current timeframe. Instead the ACCA management should focus on ensuring that exam results are received by students more earlier than is currently the case so as to enable students start preparing in earnest for the next set of exams.

  65. Profile photo of ecbarnard says

    I think three exam sessions a year, every four months, would be ideal: as someone who is trying to sit five papers this year it would be much better to spread them out more! It would also be a shorter time for resits, and I agree that many students study over a 3 month period rather than 6 months, especially if only taking one paper at a time.

  66. Profile photo of rimx says

    i don’t agree, cause if we look at the standard of exams and their syllabus, it won’t be possible for students to prepare well for their exams. Well this can be done for the ones who are having a resit for paper but wouldn’t recommend this as a whole.

  67. avatar says

    In keeping in line with CIMA ACCA should offer students the opportunity to retake failed exams one month later. This would be very beneficial to those students who marginally fail. Say achived 40%-49%.

  68. avatar says

    Its agood idea , In my openion why acca not split the exam between 2 part of exam after three month supoose that for paper F6 exam 1 total mark 50% and the exam2 part 2 total mark 50% for each exam pass rate 25% and the total will be 50% which is pass rate I .thinK this is the good I dea becouse student how not pass the first exam can do the second one to cmponsit the loss marks.

  69. avatar says

    No!not suggestible because candidates,having six months, could not hit high pass rates as expected then imagine having exams every three months might seem good to those of us who want complete ACCA exams quickly.Do you think 4 x exams every year could solve that? do not think so! the benefit will be to ACCA to amass a lot of money within a year from failing students as one of our friend here suggested the passing rate will be expected to deteriorate

    • Profile photo of admin says

      @kpmg1, I am just curious :) as I see comments about 4 month period.. why 4 months would be better? please elaborate :)

      according to our previous surveys, most students starts really studying 2-3 months before the exam..

  70. avatar says

    i think that 4 exam sittings in a year sounds just so brilliant, it will definitely bring about the freedom and choice we so much need. Surely people need to understand that it would not be so much different from the CBE that we take for F1 – F3, i suppose in the past those were only taken twice a year like the current skills level and i don’t think when the “as and when ready” approach was introduced it made them lose any quality at all….!!! So lets do that…have exams every 3 months!!!

  71. Profile photo of merkay says

    the best suggestion is for ACCA to hold exams every four months to give students enough time to prepare and study for exams adequately and they should also quicken up with exam results the come too late two months is too much with technology everywhere.

  72. Profile photo of aimalnoori1 says

    I think yesss. Most students are going for two papers in each exam session which is after 6 months. this way day can divide this 6 months to two 3 months. so that is they fail in a paper they will study another paper in next three months and also can review the failed paper to pass after 3 months. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA.

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