What is the main reason for failure in the ACCA exam?

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  1. Profile photo of Neil.Farrow says

    Disagree with you. OK, books might seem expensive (book depository in UK are sometimes half price/ free postage) OT is free, their notes are free and ACCA give past papers I cannot see what other resources you need.. The syllabus is set so as continues progression and exams interlink so each small piece builds up to the bigger picture. Time allocation is the biggest problem, with a good plan it can be done.

  2. Profile photo of tauraiversatile says

    In Africa we do not have the proper materials that help us prepare for the exams in time and in most african countries acca is still in the introduction phase where major suppliers of tuition materials do not give justice to the provision of such material to acca students to be at par with other competing students and programmes.
    However, with the understanding that poor preparation leads to failure, i also note the notion of unpreparedness which is a contributing factor to failure. the course does not really give much flexibility to people who are working and at the same time would want to take at least more than two subjects per sitting…this results to poor time planning and failure to give attention to all subjects resulting in failure.

  3. avatar says

    i think the main reason is here in Africa we depend much on correspondace schools than in developed countries where they learn as full time students. In such a way our results are within the breakeven because time and materials becomes a factor.

  4. Profile photo of Adaletey says

    I have realized that most students especially Africa students don’t have access to materials that can give indeepth of the questions and answers, we only deeps on the little materials henceforth sometimes getting access to the books comes in late, so i don’t see equity here because students in UK and other advance countries are of advantage than us because the have access to the materials and good tuition, so i don’t see why Africa students are not allocated just 10 marks for all these.

  5. Profile photo of eben2k3 says

    To me, the reason are largely personal. When we failed to deeply understood the topics as well as failure to understand every parts of the questions asked, illegible handwriting that makes answers scripts difficult for markers to read (relevant only to paper based) are main reasons while we do perform less than expectation during Examination.

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