June 2010 Exam Results – Polls Results

ACCA Global pass rates June 2010 vs OpenTuition

We have the results of our Instant Polls – about June 2010 Exam results!
Please note these pass rates are not scientific, but based on the results submitted by OpenTuition members.
We are comparing them with real global ACCA pass rates, to give you some perspective.

Comparison of the ACCA global passrates over the years and June 2010 ACCA OpenTuition pass rates for each paper

The final results of individual polls – June 2010 Exam results

Paper F1

Paper F2

Paper F3

Paper F4

Paper F5

Paper F6

Paper F7

Paper F8

Paper F9

Paper P1

Paper P2

Paper P3

Paper P4

Paper P5

Paper P6

Paper P7


  1. Profile photo of koralee says

    i will be attempting F7, P1 & P3 in Dec 2010
    I failed F7 June2010 and cannot leave it out but i’m 50% sure at this time i can pass P1 & P3. I’ve already started them and loving them both, however i cannot ignore the advice of other students especially those with experience. PLEASE my fellow ACCA student i need advice from you.
    Should i continue down this path of 3 papers?
    how can i best approach my exams preparation to ensure i pass all 3 papers.
    i work & only attemp 3 papers once before barely passing one by 3 marks

  2. Profile photo of eshra says

    Impressive results, at least with the Fundamental Level. The higher Professional Level pass rates however are mediocre. I will be sitting P5 in December, and intend to use Open Tuition notes in conjunction with Kaplan and GTG Materials to increase my chances of obtaining a higher passmark. I passed F7, P1,P3 using this approach in the past. Good work Open Tuition, I really appreciate the extra help.

  3. avatar says

    In june exam I have taken F5 & F8. In the exam result for F8, I am not satisfied. At that time I wrote to the ACCA centre for further marking if possible. Infact I know one problem that is my hand writing. So again if it is possible again please remark my paper I will pay for the additional service.

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