How prepared are you for the June 2012 ACCA exams?

How prepared are you for the June 2012 ACCA exams? Vote and post your comments below:

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  1. avatar says

    exams shoul be tough so that when u pass you feel elevated.I LIKE THE WAY EXAMINERS OF PAPERS F5 & F9 EXAMINE STUDENTS.Exams should be tough so that when you complete your course you feel proud of youself and this is what makes the course popular.chuff should be separated from wheat.I am still at stage two but am happy about what i have seen so far.keep up the good work ACCA GUYS

  2. Profile photo of npsindu says

    I wanna give a shout out to open tuition. I’ve passed my F1 exam (computer base) !!! “literally dancing” thank you thank you thank you ! truly the best thing in life is for free ! thank you ! (: Keep up the good work and god bless all of you !

  3. avatar says

    I will b attempting F1, F2 and F3 in Dec 2012. My problem is I have opted for OBU BSc Hons in Applied Accounting in the process of going for the ACCA. Will it be a burden if I decide to handle the knowledge module in just one year i.e F4, F5 and F6 in one sitting and F7, F8 and F9 in another sitting. Or I attempt 2 subject each six month. Pls admin advice.

  4. avatar says

    hi.i am studying acca from 2 months regularly but could not understand even a topic from the book now last five days are remaining for me to prepare almost every thing .please share your kind suggestions for me that make me enable to do well in the exams i am going for f4, f5 and f6 paper and dates are 11,12 and 18 june..thanks

      • avatar says

        @admin, watching .and also joined opentuition today. plz guide how minimum time required to prepare f5 and 6 paper preperation.God bless u and thanks for free and helpful notes and lactures.thanks

      • Profile photo of admin says

        You are doing a professional exam, so you should not be even asking such questions :)
        and on top of that, you know, a lot depends on how clever you are! and noone can answer that but you! now go back to you studies and you should be doing your revision kit but now! :) practice makes perfect

      • avatar says

        @admin, ok boss, thnaks i am going to utilise all of my efforts and try to do well in the exam as was in earlier i ve passed 3 introductory papers in 80s thaks to be kind wid me

    • avatar says

      @funs92, hi
      am also attempting f4 and f8. what u must do is to take a few practice questions in the revision kit(question and answers).
      Again listen to opentuition lectures which are very easy to understand.i promise you will make it with the tips am giving u.
      i am alfred .

      culd u please get me f4 & f8 mock exams questions and answers?u can send it to

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