How prepared are you for the June 2010 exams?


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    Hi all, I elected to take F6 and resit F7 and F9 this time around but just after submitting my exam application. I got asked if I would consider childminding again 1 day a week, I said sure its only 1 day I can do that, Then another parent asked me and another so suddenly I am childminding full time (including Saturday), the businesses that I do the accounts for have picked up, so more work there and a business idea I had at Christmas has taken off!
    My study and revision time have disappeared and if it wasn’t for the fact that F6 has a fairly set question areas I think I would have given up on sitting the exam. I am hoping to pass on 5 years self assessment experience, 2 years corporation accounts experience the revision lectures and past exam papers.
    I haven’t even started going over F7 and F9 again!
    So if you are out there thinking you haven’t done enough then you aren’t the only one.
    Some of you out there may be thinking of skipping your exam thinking there’s no point in going as you are not likely to pass, I know there were plenty of empty seats at my last F9 exam. SIT THE EXAM ANYWAY if nothing else it will give you exam experience and who knows you might get lucky with the questions and pass.

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    i am so sacred pls i need help can someone just give me words of encouragement i feel i am not ready
    just had baby back to work full time
    help help
    i need to pass this i am determine to pass this but seem not to understand when i read

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    I worried, but am not biting my nails as yet which is a good sign. With 8 days to go to F8, my strategy is to zone in on f8 over the next few days then pick up F7 after that exam… I pray it works

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    This is one of my last two papers..and it’s my second December 09, I faced the same situation as owene. For this one, am quite anxious but with a few days left now, trying to maximise.. Good luck to all of you..

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    I hope one can still make it with the few days left. Courage, faith, hope and the likes we must not leave out. After a thorough study, one needs confidence and that is what i offer. We shall PASS!

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    This is my last exam. Having done so many in the past why is this one freaking me out so much. Perhaps it’s just nerves. Sometimes I am too paralysed with worry to study. Roll on the last two weeks!

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    Well I can honestly say that I am not looking forward to these exams!! Just started a new job and that has definately not helped with my studying!! Spent more time concentrating on impressing the boss than studying!! Got some time off now though to get some cramming going on!!!! Good luck to everyone

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    No no you don’t need to close it, it’s actually a very nice poll and I like it. I have done some searches on the web just to find another similar one but didn’t get any. Thanks for replying me. :)

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    This poll result is not so relevant, as the time for each candidates to vote for the poll is not the same, some can vote on April 16 for example and some can vote on May 28, depending on when the poll has started.

    It should be updated everyday and not showing accumulated result. Or at least updated 1 week etc and scrap the previous poll result.

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    as a full time worker, i had taught i could read for 4 papers, as at the point of registering i could onlyh brake 3 now 2 weeks to the exams am only bracing for 2.

    am uptight but not frightened, i belive i will make it.

    i would say am about 60 percent prepared for my second paper and 40% prepared for the first. but i have taken time off work to shoot at them both full time.

    am beliving God i will definitely sail through.

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    i was not able to study for a long time because of some reasons i can’t explain… i even thought of getting the fee freezed so that i can give the exam next time… anyways now i’m preparing for the f9 exam from the lectures especially, after this i’ll go to the kit and then the past papers… i’m not sure if i’ll be able to complete everything in time and pass the exam :s…

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    I failed by 3 marks in December, just did a surgery and I am not so sure of how I am going to perform but I am giving it in my best shot. I have been stuck on advanced idle time variance for some time now any advice any one.

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