How many exams are you taking in June 2012?

Here are the results by country (the order by number of votes) how many exams students are taking in June 2012 exams


  1. Profile photo of Mugadza says

    @stranger101, im jst combining listening 2 lectures,reading technical articles,examiners reports,downloading f5 charts 4rm previous charts held in the chartroom,and a lot of question practice.that wl sttdying on my own.then 4 f6,its complicated coz its a variant doin zimbabwe variant.for f5 ill try 2 send some useful pdf’s dat i have

  2. avatar says

    Anyone thinks it’s to late to tackle f6 at this point for June Exams? I did it in December sitting and didn’t pass. I am attempting F4 in June also. Any advise? Anyone?

    • avatar says

      @digoz5, are you scared of F7 lol, well i think thats a strategic move, combining mgt, tax and audit, normaly you should seldom find any major challenge; on the other hand I think F7 goes well with P2.

      • Profile photo of gwen2000ie says

        @ownersequity, I left F7 to last on the F papers, and sat it with
        P3, then P1 and P2. balanced out the big papers of f7 p2. i dont think you will be at a disadvantage

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