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  1. Profile photo of asadrana says

    janet2011: Hi
    asadrana: plz can u guide me abt f4
    janet2011: Are you doing home study?
    asadrana: yah
    janet2011: Make certain you read text
    book at least 2 times.
    janet2011: Practice pass papers.
    janet2011: You do not need to rewrite
    the names of each case just make certain
    you understand how the cases work.
    asadrana: if i dnt rite case law and actual
    facta then i gain gud marks?
    janet2011: you do not need to write the
    names of the cases.
    janet2011: just to understand the
    differences in each case.
    asadrana: to gain gud wat shud i do??
    asadrana: ?
    janet2011: understand cases so u can
    asadrana: case law or actual facts 1 of
    them is cmplsry or not?
    janet2011: both are compulsory so u can
    give examples.
    janet2011 left the chatroom.

  2. avatar says

    Well I completely agree with Mr.2175806, I have experienced it as well. While studying alone I am not able to pick everything up but when there is a group studying I learn more than what I expect.

    It is experienced,

    There is a saying, Two is better than one, Three is better than two and Four is better than three.

  3. avatar says

    I passed f4 because of the lecture tutorial i listened to on open tuition website which made me to realise that i dont have to remember the names of people involved in a case before i quote them, that i can simply use, in a decided case or if i remember just a name of one of the party involved, i can use it, i failed the fist time because i was struggling in the examination hall to remember all the names of people involved in cases i wanted to quote and ended not quoting any case.

  4. Profile photo of MR.2175806 says

    read with friend and always better to be more than one in study session. cos what you understand spending more may be easy to be make out with the help of your friends. its not my advice just my experience.

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