Have recent ACCA exams become tougher than in the past?

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    The exam was ok if you were well prepared, I was not. When I was at # 17 I heard the lady say 1hr left. I was saying she must be crazy, I had to speed up and quickly. Even though it was MC you had lots of questions that needed to be worked out and some of them were tricky. I threw up a Hail Mary and finished all of the questions but December is there again for the unprepared, we will prevail. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. The older people are always right!
    Good luck folks.

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    Dear tuitor and all who have experience in acca exams, please clarify me if putting a cross on a choice and selecting another choice on the answer sheet is acceptable by acca or not!

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      Hmmm, Noah, that’s a tough one. You must be almost the only ACCA student in full time employment so your situation is nearly unique. The site is here to help you with lectures, audios, videos, forums, chat-rooms, study buddies …… What else are you expecting from us?

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      BPP are the only (at the moment) platinum providers but Kaplan is the other publisher’s name which springs to mind. I have no experience whatsoever of any other publishers / providers so they may be equally as good – it’s just that I have no experience of working with their material

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    Acca exams are always difficult,especialy cbe are realy confusing, I set for cbe exam I failed FA2 and MA2 I got 46 and 48 respectively on them unexpectently,so problem lies here where there is not even a result showing which questions failed.if acca may give students feedback on exam not just marks,because it becomes difficult when reseating as students are likely to repeat the same mistakes and makes life complicated to us as student.

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    F4 was not that difficult if you have studied well. I was able to answer all of the question but I could not remember the names of some of the cases but I tried to explain the cases and give some examples.

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    Exams are always difficult – what’s the point of an easy exam …. and what value is the qualification if it is given away with every family-sized pizza?

    When you are studying for P2, you’ll look back at F7 and think “How did I ever find this difficult?” The same applies with all the subjects

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      Yes i agree with you that exams are never meant to be easy, but. I think the time allocated for p2 and the detail expected per question makes it very difficult to finish all the three questions. I personally think it would benefit students if the exam Time Will be increased to 3h15 plus 15mins reading time.

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        Why stop there? Why not say “You have as much time as you want to finish the exam?” It could quite easily be argued that only the very, very best students will finish a P level exam within the 3 hours + 15 minutes. Once you have accepted that (possibly) you are not one of the “very, very best students” then tackle the exam accordingly.

        That means strict time allocation and the appreciation that you are not expecting to finish within the 3 hour limit.

        When I read all these repetitive comments about “not enough time” and “I only spent 10 minutes on the last 25 mark question” it baffles me why students generally cannot accept, BEFORE they go into that exam room, that they are unlikely to finish ANY individual question.

        But there will be some – those who have practised and practised and who are, as a result, so well on top of the syllabus that they in fact can virtually complete the exam within the time. There aren’t many!

        Accept it … and don’t get hyped up about it. It’s the same for (virtually) everyone

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        What about it? Can you be more specific with your question? If you are asking if it’s a good combination then, yes, I could see that it would be sensible. I don’t know a great deal about P3 except that I believe that it’s pretty much all numbers.

        Having said that, P2 is often mistaken to be a numerate paper whereas, in fact, around 65% is theory / writing.

        But, in answer to your question (if I have interpreted it correctly) P2 and P3 would seem to be an appropriate combination

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    No, they do not get tougher. F5 this year should have been quite straight forward for well prepared students, they are all in the syllabus. The problem is students tend to focus on past familiar/favourited past exam papers.

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      Hey I have been dong this paper (F8) for a while and I really hope this time I pass. I made a boo by doing the first question second to last and I panic and loss my thinking.
      It was my first time writing P2 a paper I did not want to go for. The paper was tough, I know that I am doing it over in December and bou do I hope a cash flow come this time.

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