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      @prateshramjohn, Hi

      I think it’s because it’s not positive assurance as “In our opinion the financial statements DO give a true and fair etc …” whereas “Nothing has come to our attention to suggest …..” is less positive

      Interesting topic for discussion but ( and you’ll need to trust me here ) I doubt very much that Lisa is going to ask, for 10 marks “Why is negative assurance called “negative assurance” and why is it not called “double-negative assurance”?”

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        @MikeLittle, Ah, but that’s the fun isn’t it. I’m going to keep it in my head that its called so because of the double negatives. Its not for Lisa, but my personal knowledge. As you often say, I can see it now, sitting on the rocking chair telling the grandkids about why its called Negative assurance. :)

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        @prateshramjohn, Do I really say that? Me? No, surely not :-)

        I already have a picture of you, rocking away on the terrace, book in one hand ( not a study text ) grand-child on the knee, explaining how you beat the combined force of opentuition lecturers’ intellect with a double-negative.

        Oh! How I wish I had thought of it first :-)))

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