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    How to explain if the expected values with research was lesser than expected values without research? Let say for example, I’ve got figure that expected values with research is $190 while without research, the figure is $205.. The maximum amount to pay would be (15). How would I describe this because the amount is negative? This one is the revision question on Uncertainty in the p5 revision notes ( no answers for revision questions in there), page 8. Thanks, John~

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      Certainly not before the December exam!

      We do not pretend to offer lectures on every topic – we record lectures when we can to try and help people, but you must obviously study from whatever books you have.

      Many of the missing topics are topics that were also examined in F5, and there are lectures on them in the F5 section.

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    is it possible something can be done about risk and uncertainty lectures part 2b and 2c. they are great lectures but they dont play until finish. l would love to run them until complete. thanks

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