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    Hey, you! I am college student in Shanghai China. I just have a suggestion that a list of changes made in new Notes should be available to check up online, because it is useful for those who used the prior editions and still need to/ just want to attend the examinations this time to update and modify their old Notes rather than make an ineffective comparison word-by-word.

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    Hi, I’m planning to sit P5 in Dec-12. I’ve just purchased study text (usually learn this way) from Kaplan Publishing, but already in the first chapter it says about ‘assumed knowledge’ and gives points for costing methods, limiting factors analysis, relevant costing, budgeting, forecasting techniques, standard costing etc and refer to paper F5 for those info. When I was sitting F5 it was called Information System – and I know the syllabus changed shortly after that. I still would like to sit P5 but I miss some information now. Do you think that course notes available here would cover what is missing from study book? On the other hand, do you think it is possible to pass P5 without detailed knowledge on it. Did anyone passed recently P5 based only on the book Kaplan provide without reference to previous papers?
    Thank you in advance
    Kind regards

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      @karolinka12, Hi, I think you should read the course note and learn from the online lectures.. The assumed knowledge you should learn from F5 course note as suggested by OT.. for chapter Discounted C/F you can refer to P4 online lecture..

      OT has made my P5 clearer that ever.. I failed last term as my lecturer was not explaining the very basic ideas of each topics as John Moffat does..

      I only have recently used OT.. after my June result had been released.. This term I am still taking classes and today I have finished OT online classes..Hopefully I will perform better this Dec exam ;)

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    Free online study materials and support for ACCA P5 Paper
    why provide study material if its not compelete
    although cover all the topics or delete the notes as a whole dont misguide students!!!

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        @johnmoffat, You are doing great job by providing clear explanations to textbook material. definitely no lecture can cover all the material in BPP page by page. Time factor as well is an issue by the way even the exam requires a better explanation and understanding of the material. am hopeful with your video notes plus BPP text and revision kit i will pass this paper

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