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    I very much appreciate these lectures, but I just want to know why only some lectures are posted on certain chapters. Is it because:

    1) the lecture videos are aimed to cover the main/core areas?
    2) these were the only ones available to distribute at this time?

    Should we expect more lecture videos to follow suit?

    Many thanks,


    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      The lecture is working fine – try clearing your cache and trying again.

      Otherwise go to the technical support page (the link is above) and you should find help for whatever device and browser you are using.

  2. Profile photo of tejot says

    Hi John Sir,
    I just want to confirm that is there significant changes in course note of December 2013 with June 2014 for P5. I have already taken printouts of December 2013 so if there are no or few small changes I wont bother taking printout again.
    Waiting for your reply and wishing u a happy new year.
    Warm regards

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      A budget is in a sense an educated guess, but it is more than just guessing – work will go into it trying to estimate demand and costs as well as possible. However a budget can never claim to be accurate, however well it is prepared.

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