ACCA P5 lectures

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Chapter 1

The Nature of Performance Management [34min]

Chapter 2

Strategic Management Accounting [57min]

Chapter 3

Performance Management and Control of the Organisation [30min]

Chapter 4

Learning Curves [16min]

Chapter 5

Business Structure, Management Accounting and Change [43min]

Chapter 6

Effect of Information Technology on Strategic Management Accounting [40min]

Chapter 7

External Influences on Organisational Performance [43min]

Chapter 8

Risk and Uncertainty [32min]

Chapter 9

Sources of Management Information [25min]

Chapter 10

Financial Performance Measurement [23min]

Chapter 11

Divisional Performance Measurement:

Part a – ROI and RI Compared, Annuity Depreciation [26min]

Part b – Economic Value Added [34min]

Chapter 12

Non-Financial Performance Measurement [24min]

Chapter 13

Performance in the Not-For-Profit Sector [14min]

Chapter 14

Transfer Pricing [42min]

Chapter 15

Predicting and Preventing Corporate Failure [12min]

Chapter 16

Discounted Cash Flow Techniques [12min]

Chapter 17

Behavioural Aspects of Performance Management [17min]

Chapter 18

Current Developments in Management Accounting [34min]

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