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    I keep trying to download the notes and it keeps failing. Seems the files are stored on my PC with a size of 0kb which is possibly the reason for the file not opening in Adobe Reader. Can someone send me a link to the P4 and P7 notes, as I cannot get the notes myself. I even had a friend try and get the notes for me and it ended the same way. I also used different browsers and It still didn’t help. Thanks.

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      Dear Admin (or tutor)
      I’ve downloaded P4 notes (June 2013) but I think it’s the same as (Dec 2012) notes
      I found no changes (although there’re some changes by the examiner for syllabus June 2013)
      so I ask if there are any changes between June 13 and Dec 12 notes?
      thanks a lot

      • Profile photo of John Moffat says

        There will be a few changes made to the course notes – the main thing being the addition of Islamic finance.
        Everything in the existing notes is still relevant with the exception of part of the portfolio theory (the formula will no longer be asked).
        Updated notes will be uploaded later next week, but you can start studying using the existing notes :-)

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    I think there is an error in part D of PQ 11:

    “Assume that you work for a US company that has exported goods to the UK and is due to receive a payment of $1,625,000 in three months time. It is now the end of June.”

    I think the reciept should be in pounds

  3. avatar says

    Is there an error in Practice question 1?

    Cost of equipment shows up in year 0 and year 1 and in the suggested solution only the captial allowance for the year 0 amount is calculated.

      • Profile photo of John Moffat says

        @htung00, Yes – the interest expense and the tax saving on the interest are both always ignored. You are correct in that it is because we assume that it has been taken account of in the WACC.

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    discounting means converting future value in present value coz money depreciates over time then why a comany uses its WACC for discouting since the depreciation rate for money should be same for all companies operating in a country

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