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    Hi Admin, i am very much benefited from all opentuition lectures, notes and other. However sometimes i didn’t get network to hear the lectures. So would you please assist me how can i download the lectures to benefit at the time of network down.

    Many thanks and regards,

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    Greetings Fellow P3 Students
    Would you be so kind to look for an answer before posting a question, because your question might have already been answered.
    However answering your questions:
    The current technology does not allow us to download flash “videos”. And to answer “Why lectures are recorded in flash instead of media like movies and other films”; dear it is simply cost effective this way, if you are studying P3 you should know that how important is to be cost efficient, with good quality. And it has only one “downside” lecture is not download-able.
    And how flash-player is cost effective? It is so because it take up a lot less space to be recorded besides a lecturer is not required to be hired to explain anything here. If you look closely this lecture is merely an audio recording with a picture affixed in background, which changed only once. So it takes up a lot less space to be recorded unlike movies and real videos.
    If you don’t mind guys, read all comments before posting a new question as your question, again I say, might have been answered already.
    And Mr. Admin thanks for coming to rescue.
    If you can’t watch this video it is because you don’t have flash plugins installed in your computer and/or browser – to download flash-player visit
    remember Google Chrome does not need to download anything to play this type of recording – to download Chrome visit

    Regards Jawad Mansoor

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