1. avatarradka says

    Is there a lecture which teach us how to apply Value Chain in Questions? As the lecture said it is very difficult to apply it to a question.

  2. Profile photo of rayyan6050 says

    There is nothing wrong with the video but this is the only time I’m having this problem with OT lectures , and the only difference is the new player. Also , I’ve read similar comments where the video simply stops and goes back to the beginning of the lecture. If numerous students are having the same problem , it cannot simply be a mere coincidence.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      Lectures are now streamed to prevent people from leeching them

      I believe, there are and will be some cases when people will have problems
      And I’m sorry, but when some people have genuine problems
      Others do everything to steal the content
      And we have to balance the two

  3. Profile photo of rayyan6050 says

    this new player definitely has a problem , i have to refresh it ten times before it finally decides to play itself , my internet speed is fine , using google chrome and no pop up blockers , gives an error saying “server not found” , please resolve this issue.

    • Profile photo of admin says

      well, sorry to hear you have problems. but you should blame people who are abusing the free service and try to leech the video ,

      video works fine
      there is nothing that can be done to improve it,

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