1. avatar says

    Sir, can you please clarify one thing – why would someone want a ‘Problem Child’ in their Product Portfolio? Or when we compare the BCG matrix to PLC are we saying that the ‘Problem Child’ are actually the products in their Growth stage?

    Thanks again for great lectures. What I love the most about your lectures is that you relate the theory to real life examples!

  2. avatar says

    I do not just understand how moving up to getting market share ( from you rivals) will lead into a cash negative!!! is it something like for you to try and get that market you will have to reduce prices etc and hence lower cash flows?? Any one please help

    • Profile photo of sogan0 says

      It leads to a cash negative because the rivals also want to get a share of the market therefore you will have to respond to their advertising, innovations, special offers to be able to keep on top of your game which then affects or cash flow. That is the way i interpreted it.

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