1. avatar says

    hi is it possible to list past exam questions how the generic strategies will be tested.
    i.e. Porters Generic Strategy
    Strategic Clock
    Strategic Direction

    Also in some text they say porters generic strategy is a form of market penetration, could you please explain how?

  2. avatar says

    So if there’s a general case study regarding how company can be successful or just general information about a company is given, and question has not demanded porter’s generic strategy specifically, can we just throw in a few lines and say that company can try to choose either route of differentiation or cost leadership in order to reduce costs and increase profits, which will help in long term success?

    • Profile photo of gromit says

      The approach of “throw in a few lines…..” is NOT the way to go. You have to assess which way of going might work, and this will depend on the information in the scenario. See Oceania National Airlines, December 2007. You have to react to the scenario.

      • avatar says

        So you are saying that for e.g if there is a small business facing some sort of threat from a multinational company, should we specifically say that it should try to choose focus differentiation approach and focus a small segment of market and specialize in it so it does not have to compete in whole market and still generate profits.

        I’ll have a look at that question, thanks :)

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