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    Refering to Downloadable notes pg 183 of 242 IAS 40, it says “property under construction or development for future use as IP should be accounted for under IAS 16 until completion. On completion it shud be treated as an IP”

    IAS Plus states however, “In May 2008, as part of its Annual Improvements Project, the IASB expanded the scope of IAS 40 to include property under construction or development for future use as an investment property. Such property previously fell within the scope of IAS 16.”
    Ellaborate difference or update notes accordingly.

    Kindly respond promptly

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    Hi Mike,

    I have a question regarding IAS 20 (pg 58) the last point.
    Does it mean that the additional depreciation due to the increased asset carrying value should be expensed off?

    Looking forward to your prompt reply. Thanks!

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        @MikeLittle, Thanks for your reply.
        But I’m not asking about the revaluation, what I ask is about when the GGs related to asset become repayable, because when I read that sentence, it seems like saying that the increased asset carrying value should be expensed, but not the depreciation.
        So, did I misunderstand it and what is the fact?

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        @ngle8393, Ah sorry. My understanding of that is that, if the grant has to be repaid, the double entry will have to be Dr Deferred Income Account ( if that’s where the remainder of the grant is located ) Dr TNCA ( with the balance of the repayment ) and Cr Cash

        After that entry takes care of the repayment and the restoration of the asset back towards a grant-free figure, then depreciation will need to be recalculated on the newly revised asset amount over a newly revised estimated useful life

        The only other matter is whether we need to make a prior year adjustment and I believe we do to bring the net asset value down to the level it should have been if the grant hadn’t happened.

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    Hi Mike,

    Would like to ask on page76 Example2.
    The revision of the term of the scheme resulted in an additional obligation of $ 60,000 of which one third related to former employee.
    Does it relevant for us to calculate the interest cost? As it revised on 1/1/10 which suppose has impact to the opening balance?

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      @kiwikwan, Hi, yes, the net interest cost is based n the net deficit brought forward as adjusted for the additional 60,000 – as you correctly point out, the additional 60,000 specifically took place at the start of the year.

      Have I not done that in the printed solutions? – It’s some time since I looked at the answers

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        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        The net interest cost shown in answer is $131,000*8% ($1,046,000-$915,000) which is not included the PSC $60,000.

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    Dear Mike,

    I have a question on Financial Instruments.

    The notes (pg.143) states that: Initial measurement; “all financial instruments to be measured at fair value inclusive of transaction cost”

    Technical Article by Tony Sweetman (ACCA 2011) states: Initial recognition at fair value is normally cost incurred and this will exclude transaction costs, which are charged to profit or loss as incurred.

    The question is: Are transaction costs inclusive or exclusive when measuring fair value?

    Thank you in advance,

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      The technical article under FVTOCI states: Initial recognition at fair value would normally include the associated transaction costs of purchase.

      So according to Technical Articles – (my understanding)
      FVTPL – Exclude transaction costs
      FVTOCI – Include transaction costs

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    On employee benefits page 73 state psc should be expensed in the year of scheme change whether they relate to current employees or not – Lecture states psc for current employees should be expensed over remaining pension earning life of current employees – which is correct—

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    There are no answers In Answer section for Chapter 18. It is writen “No Examples” while four interesting exemples are exist in Chapter 18. Is it possible to have it? (for exemple, like article or whatever). This question had arised already previously but remeins not attended. With big respect to you great job done…

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      @angelica5252, They must be almost exactly the same by now – in the back of an approved publisher’s revision kit there are a dozen or so “alternative” answers following the UK standards but, other than that, they should be the same

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    I am not going to take any classes for any subject of ACCA and I want to do it by taking lectures online.
    Can I totally depend on Opentuition’s online lectures for P2 (specially) and other subject as well.
    Admin and anyone who done from Opentuition reply please.
    Thank You

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      @arsii88, Hi, NO! The course notes and lectures alone are not enough :-(

      It is vital that you get question practice. Acquire a revision kit from an approved publisher or, if that’s not possible, download the past exams since December 2007 from the ACCA website and work through those.

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    pls HELP!

    the P2 exam tip suggest
    IFRS 10,11,12 & 13 and advise us to check Open Tuition course notes

    I have those note & it is not in there , ANYONE pls help the other website has too much info to go thru now

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    in P2 chapter 18… IFRS 9 financial instruments…… In this chapter you have given 3 examples…… But i don’t get answers for these example… In answer section you have mentioned no examples in chapter 18… can i get answers for these examples please… admin can help me??

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    I cannot print too and can’t save it to pdf too. I tried to convert to pdf but it kept on telling me error on page. I noticed a lot of ppl cant print this notes, is there something wrong with the file or connection. I’ve already used several pc to do this. Help I really want this notes and i find that the informations are really useful.

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    internet in malawi is very slow that makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to finish the whole lecture on 1 topic. we need to have download options so that we can listen to the lectures offline

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    calculate the impairment on the TOTAL goodwill ( 8,000 x 10% ) and allocate that 800 to the parent and the nci on the proportions of their SHAREHOLDINGS!

    You clearly have not listened to the audio lectures.

    And what was this question “Have I passed P2?”

    Cheeky monkey!

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