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    Hello Mr. Little

    The lecture notes are different to the lecture so I am a bit lost when following example 2. For example, where did 53000 (remeasurement) come from?
    Also is there some information missing from the question in the course notes? eg additional actuarial information.

    many thanks

  2. Avatar of tejot says

    Sir Mike,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    I am aware that there is no more corridor approach and we are recognizing the losses and gains in there year of happening.

    However just wanted to reconfirm that instead of taking the total opening balance of FO on which we unroll the discount,we are taking the net amount i.e (FO-PO) which we call NIC. Is it right ? If yes why so, I understand that their will be no change as both the re measurement and IC go through PL.


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    The lecture does not match the current lecture notes. My Jolanta question is not the same as the lecture video. Is there anything I should not be doing or doing extra as the question I have is shorter? Thank you, am a little confused.

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