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    I’m slightly confused about this…………when it says she earns a equivalent of a lump sum of 2,000, does this mean altogether for these 5 years she gets 2,000 or does it mean she get 2,000 every year for 5 years?

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        the question states “that the pension benefits which she will earn, for each of the next
        five years, are the equivalent of a lump-sum on retirement of $2,000″ – I took this to mean that the total lump sum over 5 years she would receive is 2,000?

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    Hi, Mike

    One of my company’s benefit for management staff is giving a “grant” called Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP), which they will state in this grant letter how much they will pay you a lump sum in 3 years time with terms and condition. It will be “burn” if you resign within that period of 3 years. Grant is renewed every 3 years.

    My Q (for my understanding of terminology of “Post Employment Benefits” as per IAS 19)

    Does LTIP being defined as “post employmen benefit”?

    My confusion-after completion of employment. Does that mean after resigning as well? Retiring-for me, no confusion here. I believe it should fit into this terminology. Am I correct for this?

    Thank you in advance.

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      I don’t think this is an employee benefit under IAS 19

      It sounds more like a share-based payment under IFRS 2 except there are no shares apparently involved.

      I imagine the same rules apply calculate the total value involved. Divide by 3. Dr PorL by that amount for each of 3 years building up the obligation and, at the end of 3 years, settle the obligation.

      Hope that helps

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    Mike, last sentence on page 73 of June 2013 notes says that ” the psc should be expensed in the year of the scheme change, whether or not they relate to current employees.”, and in the lecture you say that there are two different ways of treating the psc. Could you clarify what the correct treatment of the psc is, please?

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    Just going through some changes in IAS 19..They seem quite a few. Please can lectures be redone with these changes as applicable from January 2013….so examinable in December i guess?

    Please Graham…publish a technical article on this as not everyone is able to afford lectures..Thanks!

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    Been listening to all of his lectures and i’ve started to actually like the subject but what can we say? You can’t please everyone. Great lectures Mike! We love them. Thank you opentuition.

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