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    Dear Tutor
    In illustration 2 when you say average no. of holidays was 3.5 and when you solved it for accrued amount I think you should have multiplied 3.5 with 10( no of employees) as you did you did for their total salary!!!!

    Can you please clarify!!

  2. avatar says

    Mr. Little, this issue has always plagued me but I’ve never received a definitive answer. Assuming to question doesn’t tell us how much days to use like Illustration 2 of Employee Benefits chapter, is it allowable to say, 10000/(52*5). Generally people work 5 days, so it certainly is another way of calculating it. Can we make this choice, or has the examiner stipulated to use 365 days as a standard year.

    Thanks. I know it might be a very basic and possibly stupid question, but I’d like to know this for future reference. Thanks.

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      @prateshramjohn, Graham Holt will normally tell you how many days to use. You say 52*5 – do you not have holidays?

      It could be 366, 365, 350 ( assuming 2 weeks holiday ), 340 ( assuming 2 weeks holiday and some “national holidays” ). 300 ( 50 weeks * 6 ), 250 ( 50 weeks * 5 )

      If it’s important ….. he’ll tell you!

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      @suhailissa, No, I need to re-record them to take account of the changes to the calculation of net interest cost, remeasurements and end of the 10% corridor ( if you didn’t know about the 10% corridor, don’t ask )

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    Thank you for the lecture, in mu country there is no benefit plans provided by employers whatsoever, so for me this topic is really a nightmer. The lecture definitly gives a light into it, but the end of the video seems sort of unfinished… is there is another part on this subject?

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    I am having problems with the notes too. Lecture ends at 21:54 (not good) and i’m here enjoying it. Not a internet prob on my end can you recheck this for me please.

    Not seeing lecture on Financial Instruments …. very disappointing!!!!

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    Wow, fantastic! There’s no such defined benefit plans in my country, and I couldn’t understand it well in my lecture(it seems that my lecturer explained very little on that as well, probably he himself don’t know much about it too). This video really explains it very well and i have a much more detailed understanding of what is going on. Thanks a lot!

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