1. Avatar of ruthnakawooya says

    Dear Little, there was a question asked by olfavladi says:
    November 11, 2013 at 10:04 am you said that you had answer please help and just copy for us that answer i would also like to get the the answer to that question. thanks

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      olfavladi posted the same question in two different threads. I can’t remember what the heading was for the other thread. In addition, I was not really happy that I was being asked to give advice about a practical matter from his employment. The site is not here to provide professional consultation. There are firms of accountants that provide such services. This site is here to assist students to prepare for and to pass their accountancy exams.

      If you wish to search through the site, you may find the earlier thread to which I have just referred but I’m not prepared to do that – I have students’ genuine questions to answer


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