1. avatar says

    If you been self-studying as myself, I find it useful to start with the open tuition notes before proceeding to BPP and other revision stuff. The main reason is that the notes here are very simplified and more self- explanatory and gives an excellent background for further studying, and also a real confidence booster.

    Thanks open tuition team!

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      @yulina1, No, nor have we ever claimed that they were sufficient.

      As a bare minimum you need a revision kit with the past exam answers and lots of practice is also required as well as keeping up to date with World news which is always full of stories of corruption, lack of transparency, lack of accountability. It’s fascinating to listen to the news and say to yourself “That’s an example of rotten governance”

  2. Profile photo of bigdawit says

    Hi there! In this june exam i will take p1, i wonder if i know more likely ‘current issue’ arise question part A for 50 mark, If u have any inf. Abt it, plssss.. Thanks everybody for ur help!

  3. avatar says

    ACCA has include one new matters in P1 syllabus i.e bribery and corruption and their implication on ethical issues..but I didn’t find any writings on those things in course npte 2012. please help…

  4. avatarssimbwa says

    Pse help me on how to access course notes for P1 and P7 Dec 2010 as i have failed totally. However thanks for this service as it has helped me to pass papers like F5 and F8

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