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    this is a very wonderful lecture, But I can’t download it. how could I get the file pls is there any one to help me ? b/c I had a problem to see it always online due to Internet problem pls pls pls . . .

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      @tegtesf, hi, if I am right…. I think you need to have PDFs file reader to be able to download the lectures notes and Adobe reader 9 onward to able to download the audio lectures. I hope this helps you.

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      @aduuni, yes, but no one has ever claimed that OT course notes are sufficient in themselves. They are supplementary to any other study resource you may choose to use. But, in answer to your question, the OT course notes should be helpful to give you a flavour of the syllabus

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        @orock, It was meant to be a gem! I can think of nothing less interesting than a lecture with no humour! Were I to be giving the same lecture in ANY African country, I would probably say that Eastern Europe had no phones!

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    I say a big big thank you to Mike Little. I used his F7, P2, and now I am using his P1
    lectures. He is a really good lecturer,knows
    how to bring out his subject matter. Very
    thorough in his lectures. Thanks Mike I send you flowers.

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