ACCA Exams Dates – June 2013 – ACCA Qualification Timetable

ACCA Exams Dates and Deadlines 8AprilJune 2013 ACCA Exams Entry Deadlines

Early ACCA Exam Entry: before 8th March 2013 (online only)

Standard Exam Entry: 9th March – 8th April 2013

Late Exam Entry: 9th April – 8th May 2013 (online only)

ACCA Exams take place: 3rd – 12th June 2013

CBE period ends: 31st July 2013

ACCA Exam results released: 8th August 2013

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June 2013 Exams were – see instant poll results

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F1 exam was.. read and post comments
F2 exam was.. read and post comments
F3 exam was.. read and post comments
F4 exam was.. read and post comments F4ENG June 2013 – questions
F5 exam was.. read and post comments F5 June 2013 – questions
F6 exam was.. read and post comments F6UK June 2013 – questions
F7 exam was.. read and post comments F7 June 2013 – questions
F8 exam was.. read and post comments F8 June 2013 – questions
F9 exam was.. read and post comments F9 June 2013 – questions
P1 exam was.. read and post comments P1 June 2013 – questions
P2 exam was.. read and post comments P2INT June 2013 – questions
P3 exam was.. read and post comments P3 June 2013 – questions
P4 exam was.. read and post comments P4 June 2013 – questions
P5 exam was.. read and post comments P5 June 2013 – questions
P6 exam was.. read and post comments P6UK June 2013 questions
P7 exam was.. read and post comments P7 June 2013 – questions

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ACCA exams dates

Monday 3 June F5 Performance Management P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance
Tuesday 4 June F6 Taxation P4 Advanced Financial Management
Wednesday 5 June F7 Financial Reporting
Thursday 6 June F8 Audit and Assurance P5 Advanced Performance Management
Friday 7 June F1 Accountant in Business
F9 Financial Management
P6 Advanced Taxation
Monday 10 June F4 Corporate and Business Law P3 Business Analysis
Tuesday 11 June F3 Financial Accounting P2 Corporate Reporting
Wednesday 12 June F2 Management Accounting P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics

ACCA Exams Fees

Exam level June 2013 exam fee
(per exam)
KnowledgeF1, F2 and F3 £62 (Early)
£71 (Standard)
£217 (Late)
SkillsF4, F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9 £77 (Early)
£89 (Standard)
£235 (Late)
ProfessionalP1, P2, and P3
(and any two from P4, P5, P6 and P7)
£91 (Early)
£103 (Standard)
£251 (Late)

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  1. avatar says

    Hi, guys! Could you please clarify, is it possible to sit f2, f3 and f5 in one session at december 2013 (i have f1 exemption)? Or I should pass f2 and f3 first and after that apply for f5? What if register and then fail f2 and f3 but pass f5?

    • avatar says

      Ya its possible, since your going to register for both F2 and F3 in the first level then any other paper in the second level can be taken. If you pass F5 and fail F2 and F3 there is no problem, you will have to resit the two papers and still if you so wish can add any other paper in level two.

  2. avatar says

    Hi everyone,
    Just had my first experience of ACCA 3rd of June with F5 . Not sooooo bad, hoping for the best!
    Pls i’ll like to know if the exam timetable is a standard one (is it the same every exam season)?
    Thanks and all the best !

  3. Profile photo of muthunayake says

    Hi All,
    I hope to sit for the foundation exams in December, therefore I would like to know whether the study materials provided in this website are sufficient. Am I required to attend some extra classes as well?

    • avatar says

      i am also planning to write f2, f3,f4 and f5, i would like also to have pepole to join forces, i cant afford to fail, we can start suporting each other.

      i am also looking for bbp books, does anyone know where i can find them

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