Free Exam Marking for Papers F8 & P3

We are offering free exam marking for Papers F8 & P3!

This offer is exclusive to registered members. The professional feedback obtained from marking should improve your exam technique and help you to check how well prepared you are.


1. This offer is initially limited to the first 30 submissions of each paper. (The scheme might then be extended)

2. All answers must be submitted in Word

3. If the marker feels that the submitted answer is a rework of the ACCA Model Answer or that the answer has been copied from a tutorial organisation, marking will immediately cease. The marker will not mark the examiner’s or tutors’ answers.

4. Scripts from the following exams ONLY will be marked:

F8 June 2009, International stream

P3 December 2007

Post your answers by email to

You can still submit your answers for marking!


  1. avatar says

    Duo hi, I’d this facilities still open??? I am seeking a tutor to mark my Accra p3. This will be my 7the exam. I always get the marks between 40-45. I would like to know where should I improve to pass this paper. Please help me…

  2. Avatar of khurramkool says

    Sir, that’s really disappointing..
    I’m unable to pass F8 for four attempts and I’m seriously worried about that.
    First attempt 31
    Second attempt 46
    Third attempt 46
    Forth attempt 47

    Please Sir help me..
    Is it possible for you to mark a 30 marks question for me so that I can get to know where I am weak?
    Can you do this for me?
    That would be a great favour.


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