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      We either take up the rights (and pay $3) or we sell the rights (and receive $1.20 for them).

      We do not do both!If we sell the rights, we will be able to sell them for the difference between the ex-rights price of 4.20 and the price that the person buying the rights from us would have to pay to take them up ($3). So we will be able to sell them for $1.20.

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    Hi John,

    I need some help in terms of understanding of process of when a company raise fund, investments, i.e. right issue in order to complete an expansion . I am referring to Q1 for Dec 08 here. I find it difficult allocate all the information in the right place in my mind when reading a question like this. Any tips? At work right now hence have not watched this video yet. Many thanks, Jing

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      It is difficult for me to help when I am not quite sure what your problem is.
      Best is to watch the lecture, and then to ask if it is not clear.
      (But please ask in the Ask the ACCA Tutor Forum for F9)

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