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      The examiner did word it very badly. If the project were to be all equity financed (which is how his wording could be interpreted) then you would not need to rehear the beta.
      However, he has assumed that the current gearing will be maintained, and so the equity beta needs to be regeared.

      (If you want me to answer a question, then please ask in the Ask the ACCA Tutor forum for F9 – I cannot always manage to read all the comments beneath the lectures.)

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    I cant thank you enough for these lectures…. I am really struggling with these exams, I work 7-5pm, I have a house to run etc, and finding time to study is dead difficult. I have been looking for an institution which offers night classes, here in South Africa but non-existant… So thank you, appreciate it completely!!


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    Dear Mr. John,

    First of all I would like to have the opportunity to admire your way of teaching, it really is pretty impressive given the difficulty faced by most of the students while studying for any ACCA paper.. the other thing is that I would like to ask you if your lecture and course notes are enough to get a passing rate in the exams… not only for F9 but for F5 as well …

    I would really appreciate a reply from your side…. thanks and regards :)

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      Thanks you for your comments :-)

      The lectures and course notes certainly contain enough information to pass F5 and F9 well (provided of course that you do really understand them). I would be lying if I said that they contain every single point that could be asked (that is why they are not so big as the Study Texts) but they do cover at least 90% of what is needed, and usually 100%.

      However, the one extra thing that is essential is to practice as many questions as possible. As a minimum you must practice all the past questions on the ACCA website, but preferably you should get hold of a Revision/Exam kit from one of the approved publishers because they contain many more questions.

      Obviously you must understand all the topics, and that is what the lectures are for, but it is so important to get used to the styles of the exam questions and the sort of answers that are required.

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