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    Hi John,

    I just wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU to you and for your free lectures and course notes. After sitting this exam 4 times, I was at my wits end, so decided to take a different approach to learning. Many people told me not to have the faith in open tuition as it is free, but here I am on results day with a huge smile on my face because I have passed.

    I can now move on to my professional level exams and will be one step closer to being qualified!!!


    Sam :D

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    I am stuck on how to put it in the calculator.
    I first put in 3/4 x 5 x 2,000 squared, divided by 0.00014.
    On my scientific calculator this gives me 1.071428571 x 10 to the power of 11. How do I then go from here to putting in the cubed root and getting an answer of $4,750?
    Everytime I push the cubed root button it throws up an error.

    Please help :)

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        Yes, but no help. My main issue is how to get from 1.0714 to the power of 11 to the cubed root. Do I multiply it by cubed root or just put 1.0714 the push thecubed root button? It has been years since I was at school so my knowledge on these calculations is very scratchy.

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      2000 squared is indeed 4,000,000

      However, what about dividing by the interest rate, and then taking the third root?

      If you look at the Course Notes, you will find the formula at the front of them, and the answer to the example somewhere at the back.

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    i am using casio fx-82MS calculator. the amount in the bracket 0.75 * 5 *4000/0.00014 it gives me 107,142,857. before taking cube root. like 0.75 * 5 *4000 equals to 15000 / 0.00014 equals to 107,142,857 before taking cube . and after cube it gives 10350 ? i m really confused ? how to use it on a calculator ?

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      variance = (standard deviation) squared = 2000 squared = 4m and not 4000.

      the figure in the bracket should be 0.75 * 5 * 4 000 000/0.00014 = 1.0714 to the power 11 the cube root gives you 4749.57 and multiply by 3 = 14 248.71 rounded to 14 250

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    Thanks for making the percentage bit clear! At work, I had a percentage which was 0.01%, I thought this meant 1%!! That actually confused me and I was still confused, until now when you made it clear that there is a difference when you add the percentage sign to the decimal.

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