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    What a Great Lecture! Love You Sir John <3

    I have 1 Question to ask, The Interest Rate for 3 Months you calculated 1.45%, Instead of writing 0.0145 (1.45/100) why you wrote 1.0145? similarly in 0.9% interest rate you wrote 1.009 instead of 0.009? it is a rule that you add 1 to every interest rate or am I missing something?

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    Query: When i calculated my interest for the 3 months it was 0.9% (3.6* 3/12)….

    I am not clear why it is that when you were calculating the interest it was 3,194,954 x 1.009 and not 3,194,954 x 1.09.

    Please clarify.

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    hi there
    Awesome lecture
    just one query !
    when we hedge a receipt , in the third step, when we multiply £ 3194954 with the interest rate we get £3223709. this amount is greater than what we require, the extra is the interest we received right? so why don’t we deposit an amount which after adding the interest becomes £ 3194954 ?? ie by dividing the amount by the interest rate ??

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    sir….u said that lower interest rate is used for when you are borrowing money and higher when you are depositing money…so in example 6 instead of using 5.2% you used 5.8%…can you explain why? or is it am i understanding this wrong…thank you

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    if i get a chance i would kiss you …………..
    jokes apart……… want to see knighted by the queen of england……………..u r a boon to students……guess what… i pay and get sub standard lectures…………………

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