1. avatar says

    Thanks its really helpful.I plan to go through all the revision lectures as i dint ve time to watch all others.
    Is there another lecture i can see which will cover other ratios too. esp gearing and i can revise ROCE etc too.
    Once again THANKS.:)

  2. Profile photo of Mahoysam says

    I knew all the ratios! I wish I was in your class to “act” smart! 😀

    A very important lecture, I wish I have seen this earlier, I was confused over the ratios when I started practicing exam questions and I learned them by practice, it would have been easier if I saw this!

    Thank you!


      • Profile photo of Mahoysam says

        I watched all the main lectures before practicing questions, but since I am attempting 3 papers, my time is very limited and indeed practicing the questions myself is far more important than watching someone practicing them! So I had to make sure I have enough time to practice the questions myself instead of watching the lectures and then I find myself out of time! If I skip the revision lectures, it won’t be the worst thing in the world, but if I go to the exam without solving any question, yes it is the worst thing in the world! That’s why I only got the chance to see this now!

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