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NEW! F9 December 2013 Question 1 NPV calculations

NEW! F9 December 2013 Question 2 Cost of capital

NEW! F9 December 2013 Question 3 Working capital 

NEW! F9 December 2013 Question 4 Sources of finance

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 2 (December 2009) WACC

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 3 (December 2009) Rights issue, EPS and foreign exchange

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 1 (December 2010) NPV and CAPM

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 4 (December 2010) Valuation and cost of capital

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 1 (June 2010) “ZSE”

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 3 (June 2010) “YGV”

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 2 (June 2010)  “OKM”

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 3 (June 2010) “QSX”

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F9 Revision Lectures

Working Capital: Receivables

Past Exam Question “Special Gift Suppliers”

Working Capital: Inventory

Receivables management: Pilot Paper Question “Ulnad”

Working Capital Cash Management

Cash Management Dec 2005 Past Question “Thorne”

DCF: Net Present Value

DCF: Internal Rate of Return

Sources of Finance: Share valuation

Sources of Finance: Rights Issue

Sources of Finance: Value of Debt

Capital Rationing


Financial Ratios


  1. avatar says

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the questions “Thorne” and “Special gift suppliers”? I would like to attempt these myself before watching the OT lectures, but becuase the questions are older they are not in any of my text books or exam kit and are no longer available on the acca website. Please help!

    And many thanks to OT for the all the great lectures and notes, they are a big help.

    • Avatar of admin says

      F4 notes are more user interactive, that is, listen to lectures and make comments/notes in them

      without lectures, F4 notes are not as useful
      and since we have almost all chapters covered, visit f4 lectures and enjoy yourself :)

  2. Avatar of admin says

    @Adnan Yes, I do not think F9 tutor is going to update these notes for December, we will mostlikely just change the ‘month’ on the notes

    @paxtayo turn off any download managers you have on your PC and use latest version of free adobe reader

  3. Avatar of admin says

    Some answers are in video lectures – which you can find on this page..
    some do not exist

    this is revision, and these are short examples

    If you are not sure,, Post your answers on the forums
    and other students will join discussion!

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