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ACCA Live Revision kit – Lectures based on the F9 Past ACCA exams

NEW! F9 December 2013 Question 1 NPV calculations

NEW! F9 December 2013 Question 2 Cost of capital

NEW! F9 December 2013 Question 3 Working capital 

NEW! F9 December 2013 Question 4 Sources of finance

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 2 (December 2009) WACC

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 3 (December 2009) Rights issue, EPS and foreign exchange

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 1 (December 2010) NPV and CAPM

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 4 (December 2010) Valuation and cost of capital

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 1 (June 2010) “ZSE”

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 3 (June 2010) “YGV”

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 2 (June 2010)  “OKM”

F9 Past ACCA Exam Question 3 (June 2010) “QSX”

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F9 Revision Lectures

Working Capital: Receivables

Past Exam Question “Special Gift Suppliers”

Working Capital: Inventory

Receivables management: Pilot Paper Question “Ulnad”

Working Capital Cash Management

Cash Management Dec 2005 Past Question “Thorne”

DCF: Net Present Value

DCF: Internal Rate of Return

Sources of Finance: Share valuation

Sources of Finance: Rights Issue

Sources of Finance: Value of Debt

Capital Rationing


Financial Ratios


  1. avatar says

    hi opentuition folks, i have a simple question, an i use these f9 lectures and kaplan revision kit, for june 2013 exams???? also f7 notes and 2012 kaplan revision kit????? thks everyone for reply in advance, cheers and best of luck for your results!!!

      • avatar says

        @johnmoffat, sir im having difficulties answering this question. can you help me out please?
        beginning of august sales= $300 000
        credit terms 30 days
        company wishes to receive payment earlier
        a discounter agrees to finance 80% of the face value at interest cost of 9% per annum
        invoices due for payment in early september but settled in mid september 45 days after transaction.
        discounter charge service charge of 1% of the invoice value

        so i managed to find the

        service charge : 300 000 x 1% = 3000

        how do i tackle the finance cost part please???
        thanx in advance…

  2. avatar says

    Great revision lectures!
    Any for Lease v Buy example and CAPM?
    The downloaded notes have more examples than the lectures above, do you know where i can find the rest of the lectures please?
    Thank you

  3. avatar says

    Will there be any additional revision lectures added between now and June that has specific June 2012 focus e.g. what best guess exam topics and therefore relevant exam level question examples? another example – I have never seen an Islamic Finance question – what would be required?

  4. avatar says

    Good morning,

    Can tell me why the revision stops at financial ratio and not continue on to the other chapper. His the other chapper not important. I learn alot from your revision and would like to see the other topic cover too.

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