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      In future please ask this sort of question in the Ask the Tutor Forum, and not as a comment on a lecture.

      The only syllabus change is that although sources of finance for SME’s was already in the syllabus, the syllabus now specifically mentions business angels; government assistance; supply chain financing; and crowdfunding.

      These could already have been asked (but only as a written part – not calculations) – all he has done is make it a bit more specific.

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    Thanks as always for your videos… i have struggled watching this though – of course it’s nothing to do with the actual teaching as John (as well as the other OT team members) is ever brilliant. It’s this repeated problem with playback I’m encountering. I’m not sure if it’s the new uploading platform (vimeo) but each time i try to navigate backward or forward within the video time line, it displays playback error which never used to be this way…
    I’m Using google chrome so i am sure it’s nothing to do with me browser :(

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      well, vimeo is a very good platform, and at least from this end, playback works 100% fine, clicking anywhere in the video timeline and it works..
      so not sure what could be the problem at your end, internet connection?

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        You’re right. I have always found vimeo to be a good platform which was why i was a bit surprised. Well, I dont know why it wasn’t working well at the time but after trying it again a few times today, i can confirm that it is now working perfectly. Thanks for your response.

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    Thank you so much for the clear and concise lectures.
    Got through the financial management paper-icaew.
    Wouldn’t have been possible without you.

    Very grateful for all the help and effort that goes into these lectures.

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      No reason! It arrives at the same figure.

      For Paper F9 it is more important that you understand the logic rather than just learn a formula, so calculate it in whichever way you find most obvious.

  3. avatar says

    i have tried many ways watching the video,but i just can’t open make it more clear,the place where the video should playing is all what’s the matter,can anyone tell me?

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