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    Hey! I really wonder! I work in an audit firm, in every audit we perform, it is us who draft the FS for the client, it is not just our firm that does that, ALL audit firms where I live does that, it is the normal thing as a part of the audit, we do the audit using the TB and then we prepare the FS for the client after the audit is done, yet it is the client who is supposed to prepare the FS BEFORE we even arrive, isn’t it?
    Is this compromising our independence? Is this considered self-review? I really wonder!!

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    I had previously had issues with viewing the videos, getting a ‘server not found’ error. I ran command prompt as advised and it played for a while but now I’m getting the same message again. Is this supposed to be a repetitive problem?? Kudos to opentuition and thanks so much.

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      @bahardcc, Basically If your getting all your money one client, your going to do everything in your power to keep them happy and make sure you get paid, thus losing your integrity and independence . If the client is only say 5% of your turnover, your more likey stay independent and tell them they are doing something wrong and refuse to sign their accounts off as a true and fair repesentation of the company.

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