1. avatar says

    I just heard the examiner’s interview and in one question i heard her say that for 2013 ISA 315 has changed. Since i have the last year syllabus could someone please tell me what has changed in ISA 315, cause it has been an update in any area that for sure is going to be tested……..Please help
    Looking forward for your answer

      • avatar says

        I have written that in may for June 2013 exam season at that time the name of the examiner was not confidential. I have no idea who the examiner is now

      • Profile photo of Mahoysam says

        I am sorry, but as per my knowledge they made the name of the examiners confidential way before June 13! Anyways, who was it? I only know one female examiner, Ann Iron, who is the examiner of F5, is she the examiner of F8 too?

        Btw, how did you do in the exam? Hope you passed! :)


  2. Profile photo of qasimaliglgt says

    Dear shrutishaya I am not a tutor, but i think that cutoff assertion is tested for sales and purchases, and debtors and creditors being alternate entries for sales and purchases we need not to test them separately. Any how let us wait for the best reply from tutor.

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