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    Thank you for the lectures, althoug i do wish they were a bit detailed in the sense that they include ISA’s, IAS’s and other relevant standards, exam scenario questions and past exams, techniques on how to answer or approach exam questions, examiner comments and maybe examples from the finacial statements. From my view i think as we master the concepts we should also be able to be taught how to apply them. Anyways, I think I am asking a bit too much for a free lecture, it’s better than nothing though. Thanks guys, at least you tried.

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    Hello, I am not native English speaker. Could you please help me to understand a statement: Cast the receivables ledger to ensure It agrees with the total on the receivables control account. What does “cast” mean there?
    – to calculate all the numbers inside the receivables ledger or
    – just to have a look at numbers in the receivables ledger?
    Thanks in advance.

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    until i started watching the video on Test of control, i almost got discouraged as to what would be my fate after the exam on this paper. Thanks the video is helpful. Once again, thanks for the encouragement.

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