1. avatar says

    Nah it isn’t my PC, I’ve tried everything my end (restart PC, closed all windows and other programs, waiting and refreshing etc) but to no avail unfortunately.

    The lectures are working, just incredibly slowly – like 3 hrs to run a 3 min video – it must just be the volume of traffic on the site I guess.

  2. Profile photo of admin says

    well, lecture plays fine here, no delays at all.

    so, maybe you should turn off BBC streams :) and watch only lectures :)
    if still not good, then wait for lecture to load before you press play,

  3. avatar says

    Well can’t complain given it’s a free service I suppose.

    It can’t be my PC though, the BBC French Open streams nicely as do about 10 real time market charts…but no joy on here all day – or yesterday – I’m afraid.

    I guess the lectures are essentially out of action until after the exams…

    • Profile photo of admin says

      I guess it’s not a surprise
      Lots of students access them at the moment

      Make sure you are not running any Internet intensive apps / torrents
      Maybe your connection is slow

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