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    At certain points, the instructor speaks so quickly that it’s difficult for me to make out what exactly did he say. For example, at 00.47 he says,
    ‘The programme might be set to identify odd transactions, for example credit balance I DON’T KNOW WHAT receivables ledger, or inventory which hasn’t I DON’T KNOW WHAT for some time.’
    Now I’m guessing the credit balance was THOUGHT AS receivables ledger and the inventory he’s talking about hasn’t MOVED for some time. But I’d be very glad if these, and some other I-don’t-know-what’s, are clarified.

    Great lectures though! Thank you.

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        That was extremely disrespectful of me! What was I thinking! I must have been delusional after studying for 5 hours in a row. I greatly apologize for this comment! Please delete this if you can.

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