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    i have a query. The text books that i have states international. Is this videos for UK module or international module. To be precise, is there a difference between international module and UK module? Will these lectures guide me to my exam for international module or is this a general luctures combining both international and UK modules? Also what is the difference between the live lectures and recorded ones in terms of contents discussed. Sorry if i am asking some thing silly. Trying to be sure . Thanks in advance Admin.

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    Great lecture…
    I’m working as an internal auditor in a trading Co. 
    I’ve been in the position of choosing between my Job and Integrity. 
    Both of the times I chose integrity but had to gather up courage to report which took me at least a couple of days each time. 
    I can be diplomatic but have so many jobs given in the Co ( audit + business development+ sales strategist) plus my study, so, don’t have time for diplomcies. The environment in the accounts and treasury department is going against me so I’ve recently decided to resign. 
    And applied as a high school accounts teacher. Will return to industry next year (God willing). 

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