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    I guess, u don’t need to time apportion Marginal relief twice, according to Example 4 Answer in NOTES. Also, in one of ACCA Approved providers books – they don’t time apportion the MR for Short period.

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    Just in case anybody is having doubts here, you should calculate MR for the short CAP as shown in the lecture – however do not time apportion it again at the end of the calculation.

    If you think about it, by using the revised upper limit in your MR calculation, you have already time apportioned the relief.

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    In the last example provided in this video (short period and adjustment to limits), the marginal relief, after time apportionment of the upper/lower limits, is again time apportioned.
    I have reviewed other tuition material (BPP) and on these, the MR did not get a second treatment of time apportionment.
    Can you please confirm the correct treatment as per ACCA?

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      Hi Cyrille,

      I had the same doubt, but after checking the answer to the example 4 at the back of the notes, you will see that the MR is not time apportioned a second time. You can either compute reviewed upper and lower limit, or use the limits for 12 months and time apportion the MR. Mathematically you get the same result. I hope this helps.

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