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    I have a question regarding the calculation of taxable benefit for motor car.
    please let me know if any capital contribution made by employee towards the use of the car either it would be deducted from the list price or after taking the percentage for CO2 emission, please clarfiy.

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      In example 4 of this chapter, for Carla, the capital contribution is deducted after taking taking the percentage for the emission from the list price. Please check it out am not too sure about it.

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      Contribution by employee
      1. towards purchase of car then deduct from price of car
      2. towards private use of car then deduct from car benefit
      3. for private fuel then ignore(not deducted from car benefit)

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    Hello Sir,

    While i was going through the chapter 9 last lecture I think i have missed the lecture on PAYE system given in lecture notes on page 67 and 68. I did read through myself but did not understand about tax codes calculation.

    If it was possible to get some more information on that would be helpfull.


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    Sir I want to ask,

    whether the expenses incurred by employees in the performance of duties are deductible for the calculation of Income threshold of 8,500 to ascertain P11D status or not.

    Second, is there any specific treatment for non P11D employees that we have to remember for the exam. I always get confused about non P11D or P9D employees.

    Thank you.

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